5 Ways How Cloud CRM Software Can Benefit Your Business

Nowadays businesses are focused on employing new high technologies which would enable them to improve customers’ satisfaction and boost revenues. One of such technologies is cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management). What are the main advantages of cloud CRM software for a businesses and what commercial benefits can it provide?


In the always-on-move and busy world it is crucial for most companies to stay mobile. Cloud CRM software can be accessed from any location and any device, including tablets, smart phones and other personal gadgets. This is especially convenient for sales representatives and other business people who often have to work outside the office.

Recent researches have proved that cloud CRM software can efficiently boost the performance of various companies – both small and big. Indeed, 65 per cent of trade agents who use cloud CRM meet their trade targets successfully, while among those who prefer older technologies only 22 per cent are in line with their sales plan.

Flexible Customization

Cloud-based solutions enable you to customize the software for any industry: from retail and beauty products to financial sector and real estate. Analytics, graphics, data base and synchronization – all these options can be tuned for a specific business, thus making your business considerably more efficient.

Bpm’online CRM ( is complemented with a robust BPM engine that sends notifications for all business processes in your company. The software allows all kinds of customization and integration that you might need. At the same time, this does not imply coding or other complicated procedures. Cloud software is a perfect blend of great functionality and simple use.

Marketing Automation

One of the main advantages of cloud CRM software is its high level of automation. Thanks to cloud solutions, you can perform customized marketing campaigns, organize automated interaction with your customers, launch e-mail and mobile marketing campaigns, etc. Here is the list of main areas that CRM-based technologies excel at:

At the same time, 92 per cent of marketing experts state that social media is indispensable for their business. Hence, do not forget to combine cloud automation solutions with social media techniques, in order to improve brand awareness and attract new customers.

Affordable Price

Despite its great functionality and flexibility, cloud CRM software ( has quite a moderate price and can therefore be employed even by startups and small e-commerce companies. The main reasoning behind that is that cloud technologies do not imply any hardware and do not constrain you to hire extra IT specialists whose task will be CRM hardware maintenance.

Further, cloud CRM software is characterized by simple deployment process and easy operations. This means that implementation and training costs will be considerably reduced as well.

Last but not least, cloud solutions can be provided exactly in the bundle that your company requires. If you do not need some sophisticated options, just leave them aside and pay only for the tools that are most useful for your business.

High Level of Security

Since cloud CRM software is hosted in a virtual cloud and can be accessed by any person in the company, many business owners are alarmed that their sensible business data can be lost or even become available to third parties. Yet, cloud solutions have very high security standards.

Bpm’online software has state-of-the-art data protection technologies which eliminate the possibility of data disclosure to an unauthorized party. Besides, cloud solutions are complemented with robust back-up policies and clear data recovery algorithms that are used in case of emergency.

As we can see, cloud CRM software is a safe and economical marketing solution which offers dozens of customized options and provides high level of business automation. At the same time, cloud technologies not only make business more simple and intuitive but also improve its efficiency and enable new approaches that are not feasible with other marketing tools.

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