5 Ways To Look Like A Gorgeous Diva In Desi Bollywood Style Saree

Okay, you have put on a little weight. You want to wear a saree but dread to look bulky, is that your case? If that’s the reason, you need not fear anymore. Just because you have piled up a few pounds, doesn’t mean you can’t wear this traditional attire. From Bollywood style sarees to simple, whichever one you pick there is always a way to look slimmer.

Yes, it’s possible. You can look slim in a saree and here are the tips that we have scoured for you.

Fabric is important, so choose wisely

Believe it or not, the choice of fabric is really important. The type of fabric you pick is proportional to make you look slimmer or bulkier. Women’s sarees can be found in so many fabrics which can help you hide those unwanted pounds easily. Pick light weight sarees like georgette, chiffon or crepe. These fabrics tend to stick to your body that flatters your femininity more. But if you wear it in an ugly manner, then they turn out to add to your weight.

Say no to cotton fabric as it tends to spread a bit which will make your frame even wider. However, you can pick cotton silk sarees. Don’t pick art silk saree though as they aren’t suitable for heavy people.

Choose light and tiny prints

If you want to look slim in Bollywood or any sarees, make sure you pick tiny or lighter prints. Even sleek and light embroidered sarees create a slimming illusion. Going for bold and bigger prints will only widen your frame and you would surely not want that. Small motifs and butties make great choices. Big and huge embroideries on the other hand, make you look bulkier. If you are going for printed sarees, choose tiny prints.

Go for narrow and sleek borders

If you have remembered, there are many Bollywood divas, who wear sarees with big borders and look shorter yet bulkier. You will find pretty examples. Big borders create the illusion of bulkier frame and even make the height look shorter.

While, narrow borders have slimming effect and it makes you look slender.

Opt for darker shades

Black, who wouldn’t want to fall in love with this shade again and again? I hope that’s that women’s wardrobe has in plenty. Darker shades have slimming effects and they create perfect illusion to make your frame appear slender by hiding all the problem areas.

Drape it beautifully

Remember, draping a saree is quite important, ensure you drape it in a right way. Wearing it in a shabby manner would make you look truly horrible, and I know you wouldn’t want that. So, drape it in a neat and clean way and in as many styles as you can as there are different ways to wear a saree.

Ensure picking a right blouse because it’s what will make or break your looks. Pick full sleeved blouse to look slimmer though. Consider these tips, and let you be the walking diva in a desi ensemble.

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