5 Ways To Save On A Living Room Remodel

Remodeling can be an expensive endeavor, which leads many people to believe they cannot afford to update the areas in their home they would like to spruce. While certain remodeling projects are expensive, there are ways to remodel on a budget.

When it comes to updating your living room, there are a few techniques that can help you have a brand new space without breaking the bank.

Here are five ways to save:

  1. Create a Budget

First and foremost, before any remodeling begins, you need to create a budget, complete with all the projects you hope to accomplish. Writing a budget makes the process seem more real, which can help you from blindly spending money on the renovation.

Additionally, seeing all of the projects you intend to do on paper can help you determine if there are any that will blow the budget or that can wait until later. If you are still over budget, consider looking into other ways to save money. For instance, consider looking into Direct TV’s package for those on a budget. Saving money each month on bills can add quite a bit more money to your renovation budget.

  1. Efficiency

A key component to saving money on a renovation is efficiency. The more efficient a space is, the less space you actually need. Instead of looking to expand the living room, find ways to make the existing space more efficient. Spending money on new furniture that fits in the space better is less expensive than tearing down a wall.

  1. Demo

A great way to save money is to do the demo yourself. If you have a background in construction or engineering, you very well may know your way around a demo site, and can safely and properly demo your own space.

  1. DIY

If there are any projects you can do yourself, it will save you a lot of money, which can leave room in the renovation budget for something more expensive.

Many simple updates can be done on your own, including paint, installing crown moldings and baseboards, and adding in new flooring. Taking on some DIY projects not only save your budget, but also increases your attachment to the space, because you actually had a hand in creating the space.

  1. Materials

Check out places that sell overstock construction products, such as design warehouses or renovation stores like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. These places offer great housing products, from flooring to doors to moldings to even appliances, at a discounted rate. Most of these products were purchased for other renovation projects, but were never used, for the client changed their mind or there was leftover product.

Additionally, look to purchase floor model items. They are often discounted because they have been sitting in the open instead of being brand new. They usually come “as is,” but more often than not, they are in perfect condition.

These five tips can help you save on your living room remodel.

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