Wednesday 06 December 2023

6 Amazing Activities To Do In Honolulu – Did You Know

Waikiki Beach Honolulu

Set on the island on Oahu, the city of Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii. The mixed plate of experience on offer, the laid-back vibe, and the contagious charm of Honolulu makes it one of the popular tourist attraction in Hawaii.

To make the most of your experience in Honolulu, make a booking on the Honolulu tours and do try out these 6 amazing activities in Honolulu.

1. Waikiki Beach

Go on a visit to the iconic Waikiki beach which was once a retreat for the royal families. The crescent shaped beach is one of the top tourist spots in Honolulu. Lie out under the sun to get tanned, go swimming in the water, take a walk on the beach, go shopping at the stores adorning the waterfront, and do taste the Hawaiian flavor from the restaurants set around.

6 Amazing Activities To Do In Honolulu – Did You Know

2. Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

Attracting a huge number of visitors every year is the world known landmark destination of the Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. Start with listening to the incredibly moving audio of the unfortunate incident as it happened during the time, move on to the sloping white memorial built on top of the sunken U.S.S Arizona ship and pay your respects to the brave souls. A visit to the Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial is very much recommended and the whole atmosphere is soul-stirring.

U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Honolulu

3. Sunset Beach

Rated as the surfing Mecca of the North Shore, Sunset Beach is an excellent destination to indulge in water sports tours in Honolulu and to catch sight of an amazing sunset that fills the bay with its fiery-crimson hue. Apart from all this, the quintessential North Shore beach is very rewarding for the professional surfers and there are frequent surfing competitions taking place in the Sunset beach.

Sunset Beach Honolulu

4. Iolani Palace

To understand the rich, historical past of the royalty that prevailed in the city of Honolulu, go on a guided tour to the Iolani Palace. The once royal residence of the rulers of the Kindom of Hawaii, Iolani Palace is poignant. Considered as one of the best tours in Honolulu, Iolani Palace is highly recommended for history and architecture lovers.

Iolani Palace Honolulu

5. Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Falls

For a burst of colors on your trip head on to the botanical garden of the Lyon Arboretum. Gaze through the tremendous collection of tropical plants on display that will paint your vacation with the brightest of colors, go for a walk amidst the palm-covered terrain, witness the herb & spice garden, Beatrice garden, and bromeliad garden, hike to the hidden gem of waterfall of Manoa falls, and treasure the wonderful experience that will take you closer to nature.

Manoa Falls Honolulu

6. Diamond Head

The volcanic tuff cone of the Diamond Head is one of the defining structures in Honolulu. Go on a trip to this one of a kind crater created over 300,000 years ago, laze around and sit down to stretch your legs in the lush green grounds of the park or hike up to the top for surreal views of the crater, ocean, and the island. To extract every ounce of beauty from the wonderful place, check it out under the list of the best Honolulu tours.

Diamond Head Honolulu

While there are plenty more things to do and activities to do in Honolulu, these top 6 amazing activities would definitely offer you a wholesome experience of the city.