6 Augmented Reality Apps Every Student and Teacher Should Know!

Augmented Reality has become one of the more popular innovative feats of the 21st Century. The population of the world is already reaping the best benefits of its powers, especially that of education. AR adds a good bit of zing to our everyday lives. It can make studying and learning all the more appealing.

We have seen the capabilities of Google Glasses, but Augmented Reality has also made into the screens of our smartphones. Here, we will look at some of the best AR apps that can serve as a huge plus for both students and teachers.

1.  Google Sky Map

Behold, your very own portable planetarium that you can carry with you anywhere you go. Now you can have fun learning about the stars, galaxies, planets and so much more. If your phone does not have a compass, it can never tell you of your orientation.

2.  Quiver

Don’t be turned off by the adorable characters that could appease kids, because Quiver invites adults to unleash their artistic abilities. Take this opportunity to use Quiver and turn the world before you into your own joyfully colored wonderland. You can view your drawings and your animations from any angle you like.

You can also interact and play with the characters on your screen with a simple touch. There are also pages that quiz students on their knowledge about art.

3.  Aurasma

Aurasma gives you the power to turn the world in front of you into whatever you choose. Through the augmented abilities of this app, you can virtually interact with places, objects, and images. It gives companies and brands new interactive opportunities to engage with their fans and customers with alluring 3D content, animation, video and much more.

Anyone with an email can make use of this. Educators can augment their textbooks and project work with Aurasma.

4.  Elements 4D

There is nothing better than infusing gaming elements with that of education and Elements 4D does well to make an example out of that. It is amazing what you can do with six wooden or paper blocks that contain 36 elements of the periodic table in this app and learn about real-life chemistry with it as well.

Not only will you be learning about the names of these elements, but you will also learn what they look like and know about their atomic weights. You can also learn unique facts about these elements as you go on. The best part is when you virtually combine two of these elements and see how they react.

5.  Layar

Bring all of those images of your greeting card, brochures, packages and flyers to life with Layar today. Better yet, why not bring the print materials of your college assignments to life so that you can interact with it? You can also connect links with web addresses and share any piece of content on social media.

Your learning will see plenty of color and life into it. You can also scan through thousands of Geo Layers to find nearby locations like ATMS, restaurants and more.

6.  Blippar

Blippar’s very own computer vision technology scans the world before us to create and deliver the best educational content that suits the student’s pace. Teachers will be able to turn their entire classrooms into an interactive environment with the help of the tool known as Blippbuilder.

Other than that, teachers will be able to monitor students and their performances in class. That way, they will be able to give proper feedbacks to students that will help them understand their weaknesses better and help them grow. The app also enhances the pages of textbooks with digital tools, scalability and cost effectively.

Author Bio:

Catherine Daisy works as a Teacher for UAE Assignment Writing. She has over 15 years of experience in the profession. She also enjoys blogging and takes it as a way to provide assignment writing help to students.

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