Wednesday 01 February 2023

6 Easy Ways To Keep A College Dorm Room Safe

6 Easy Ways To Keep A College Dorm Room Safe

College can be a scary time for a lot of young people. Many students are leaving the comfort of their parents’ homes for the first time and living on their own. On top of having to figure out their new education process and how to live on their own, many college students do not feel as safe on campus as they did at home.

Even though this new situation is intimidating, there are a lot of tricks that can put any student at ease. Here are six easy ways to keep a college dorm room safe.

Look into Installing New Security Options

It depends on the campus and the living situation, but most college campuses will allow students to upgrade their rooms with individual security systems. Milwaukee ADT Security can help any college student find the right system that will work in their dorm room and learn how to easily use it every day to keep their room and everything inside it safe.

Lock the Door Every Single Time

It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but a lot of college students will forget to lock their doors, or leave them intentionally unlocked while they run down the hall to do laundry or any other fast job. It is an easy task to complete, and leaving the door unlocked even just for a couple minutes can mean trouble.

6 Easy Ways To Keep A College Dorm Room Safe

Don’t Leave Valuables in Any Common Areas

Some dorm rooms will have common areas that a few students or all the students in the building share. These areas should be treated like any other public area on campus or off, even though they are part of the housing. This means that no student should ever leave their things unattended in these areas, unless they want those things to get stolen or damaged.

Carry a Hidden Safety Tool

Walking around campus can be a little frightening for a new college student. Having a little extra security with you at all times can help make the to and from class a little less nerve-racking. Many students will carry a small, concealed pepper spray with them as they walk around campus, just to be safe.

Know what measures the Campus has in Place for Safety Emergencies

Every college campus in the world will have some sort of security measures for students in danger. For example, many schools will have emergency call stations around the campus that students can find and use in an emergency. Anyone can speak with the university’s police and find out what options they have.

Keep ID Cards and Keys Close By

Identity theft is still an issue in many schools. The most common source of identity theft is lost or stolen ID cards on campus. Students should find a way to keep their IDs safe and secure with them at all times. Most people will use a lanyard or wallet to keep their ID and get into the habit of bringing that with them all the time.