Monday 06 March 2023

6 Examples Of How Technology Is Making Our World A Better Place

6 Examples Of How Technology Is Making Our World A Better Place

In today’s world, we have access to many aspects of technology that only a decade ago would still have been considered science-fiction. However, with the rapid advances being made, everything from the way people shop and work to how medical care is delivered has changed how we live in the world today. While some people may bemoan the role technology plays in our lives, there are nevertheless many examples of how technology is making our world a better place in which to live.

Space Exploration

With the creation of the first dexterous humanoid robot known as R2B, technology will now allow dangerous repair missions to be completed without putting human lives at risk. In addition, technological advances have also led to the creation of the Hubble Space Telescope and Mars Rover, allowing humans to explore galaxies and planets like never before.

GPS Navigation

Giving drivers the latest traffic updates, weather information, and directions on a family vacation has made GPS navigation a seemingly indispensable option when on the road. According to government data, Wal-Mart is the most searched for location with drivers using GPS.


With Da Vinci surgical robots operating on patients and more than 17,000 health-related apps available on smartphones, technology’s role in healthcare is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, mobile health technology is expected to be the next great trend in healthcare, allowing doctors and patients to interact more easily.


Today’s classrooms have changed greatly from just a decade ago. Smartboards have taken the place of chalkboards, Power Point presentations are commonplace, and textbooks are being replaced with iPads or tablets.

Engineering Advances

One of the biggest ways technology has impacted engineering is the invention of overhead electric and air stirrers and mixers. These can that have resulted in much more accurate laboratory testing. Widely used in environmental science to help discover new ways to help conserve natural resources, it may have an even greater impact on green technology in the years ahead.

Social Media

Forever changing the way humans develop friendships, find true love, and connect to others with similar interests, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spend more than 53 billion minutes on social media per month.

With these and numerous other technological advances changing the world in which we live, it’s hard to imagine how we ever got along without them. Yet in the years to come, even more exciting advances are expected.