6 Signs You Need A Meditation Vacation

Suspended on the idea of competition, our over active world is thriving on the fuel of our attention, energy and dedication. Just as the hands of the clock move, we start ticking from morning till evening and very little of our energy is left to be devoted to any other activity. The half heartened approach towards our yoga classes, meditation sessions or workout sessions does not offer a breakthrough truly required by us. However we still cannot take that long, overdue vacation. Our jobs won’t allow us to take a leave and actually go relax at the balmy beaches or inverted Vs of the mountain ranges. But when does the point ‘this much’ is ‘too much’ comes? Who decides the boundaries of sanity in our work life? You. Yes you and only you can decide when you cannot do more. Here are some signs, which indicate you need a yoga vacation.

  1. Leaves

First things first, do you have too many unused leaves in your work account? If the answer if yes or most likely or slightly yes, it is time you take those leaves you have been saving. What are you saving it for, if your own mental health is at stake? Wake up and take that break.

  1. Sleepy or sleeplessness

When you go to bed or when you wake up, either way if you are stressed, it is time to pack your bags and go take a relaxing yoga retreat. A place where both insomnia and stress can be handled well by expert gurus on yoga and meditation and spas are standing tall every few miles that is where you need to be.

  1. Concentration

If your boss or your seniors are constantly lecturing you on doing your job right and you still make mistakes, chances are you need to take a break. Go for a yoga vacation and find yourself a quiet corner. Where it is just you & soothing aroma of fragmented candles intoxicates your being.

  1. Reaction Troubles

If none of the above matches but you find yourself over reacting or getting irritated on petty things then yes, you too are in the loop. You too need to get out, get a blast of fresh air and find tranquility.

  1. Indecision

Whether to be neutral or angry about a situation or wear red or white, if even the pettiest of decision & simplest of questions confuse & boggle you, you need a mental vacation. It is time you give yourself up to yoga and meditation and experience the infinite potential hidden inside you.

  1. Busy Bee

Your friends are calling you or texting you and all you have to say to them is, ‘I am too busy’, well, it is time you set everything aside and tend to your own needs. Live your life and take that break. You need it.

Listen to what your heart is telling you after reading this article. Is it is telling you that this was for you and rings a bell, then don’t negate your thoughts. Go and book yourself at a retreat school. The opportunities are waiting for you to be explored. All you have to do is make that choice. Choose to live by making yourself your first choice.

About The Author

Manmohan is a yoga enthusiast, free spirit, traveler and freelance writer from Rishikesh. He run yoga teacher training in Kerala, Nepal, Thailand and various other countries, where yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and spirituality is taught under the expert guidance of traditional and authentic yoga instructors.

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