Sunday 06 June 2021

6 Things You Must Consider Before Getting Story Extension

With escalated property prices, people prefer to stick to their present property instead of getting a new one for the time being. In such circumstances, building an extension can be the best option to bring some innovation in your current lifestyle. There might be numerous specialized single story extension builders in your city. Before hiring a builder and implementing the idea of expansion, there are a few things you should ponder on which are as below:

6 Things You Must Consider Before Getting Story Extension

  1. Planning permission: As soon as the idea of extending your home comes to your mind, your immediate thought should be regarding its legitimacy. Check out if you need to have planning permission as per the local area requirements and rules. This is essential before making a concrete plan to proceed. Reputable builders advise you to analyse local planning regulations, you can then move to the next stage of your project.
  1. Check out the expense: This may be the primary question to ask – how much is it going to cost? You might want a small extension or a big extension to achieve your dream home. Before you decide on this be comfortable with your budget before approaching a builder. Most builders will work on a meter squared rate that will include the build cost and a modest interior within the costs. Expect this to be between £1350 – £1450 per square meter.
  1. Investment of time: Planning an extension is an important factor and can take up a little of your hard-earned time. Work with a suitable architect and surveyor to create the look and feel you want. You will then end up with plan drawings and a structural survey to work off. The builder will need this to transfer your designs into a reality. Only begin the works when you’re totally happy with all aspects of the design and build phase and you’ll reap the rewards.
  1. Work with your neighbours’: Involve your neighbours, let them know your intension to build an extension. Be aware of the ‘right to light’ rule when designing your extension. Your architect and surveyor will let you know what’s possible along with any planning restriction that may apply within your regional council. In some regions, it may not be possible to install a 2-story extension and planning will be refused as its not sympathetic to the landscape. On most occasions if you share your thoughts with neighbours they will be your best advocates minimizing any possible complaints before you begin.
  1. Contact a skilled property builder: This is a very important aspect as the wrong builder can destroy your dreams extension and decimate your cash flow, leaving you in an impossible position. Work with a builder that has a track record of building, check references and agree a suitable payment plan as the project progresses. will help you to achieve your dream extension, we have many years of experience within the building and renovation sector. We have lots of happy customers and references available. Contact Revive today to book your free no obligation survey and take the first steps to achieving your dream extension.


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