6 Tricks to Use Wall Mirrors That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

Mirrors are an essential part of décor as they improve the appearance of a space. In the modern day, they are mostly considered as they not only act as part of the décor but also because they create an illusion of space, making the rooms feel much more significant. This illusion of space makes the small spaces much more comfortable, and with minimal space saving furniture, you can give the area a modern and spacious feel. Below are ways in which you can place wall mirrors to make small bathrooms feel more significant.

Place the Mirror Behind a Source of Light

There are different sources of light. The ones that can be fitted in front of wall mirrors are only the side wall lamps. They can be easily be fixed on the mirror; this allows the mirrors to be able to reflect the same light to the room. This allows in more light in the room, making the area spacious and beautiful. In the bathroom, the light can be placed on one of the walls or at the topmost edge of a vanity area thus ensuring that the area’s light is well distributed and at the same time make the area more spacious through its reflection.

Hang them Opposite the Window

Windows are a natural source of light in an apartment. They are mostly known to allow light and to create a link with the environment, making the space livelier. To make the small apartment feel more spacious, a larger window should be considered. The openness of the large window makes space feel more spacious.  Adding a mirror on the opposite side of the window creates a reflection of the window on the mirror, therefore, creating an illusion of even more space. This, therefore, is one of the many ways of ensuring that the area is spacious enough.

Use Mirrors on the Side Walls – Makes Walls Longer

Mirrors can be used along the sides of a wall. When placed on the sides, it makes the walls look more extended as the reflection of both sides creates an illusion that elongates the walls. Longer walls are mostly a statement of space as they mean that the room is much more significant. You can install this in opposite bathroom walls and ensure that they are not blocked by any décor. You can, however, make the space even more exciting by using decorative mirrors on the walls. Decorative mirrors can be antique mirrors with beautiful frames as they make the space to creatively pop with the beautiful wood framed carvings. However, for a more contemporary design, make sure you use frameless mirrors as they are simple and modern.

Fake a Window Using Mirrors

As discussed, earlier windows are vital elements of a space. For a bathroom, they are most important as they are a source of light. They greatly help in saving the daily electric bill expenses as they are natural sources of light. As much as most bathrooms do not require that much light because of the mood that is supposed to be set for this space, poorly lit bathrooms and any other space generally can certainly be depressing. However, small apartments without proper lighting may not only be depressing but also it can make the pace feel smaller. You can use wall mirrors to create a fake window and setting it at an angle such that it reflects the light from the bulb or other lighting equipment in the space. This fake window creates an illusion of space and at the same time allows light to be reflected, thus lighting up the area.

Use Mirrors on Cabinets to Create an illusion of Space

Cabinets are also an essential part of a bathroom as they form 90 percent of bathroom space. Mirrored cabinets are some of the modern cabinet designs that are not only meant to create a beautiful, stylish finish but also are intended to create space in a bathroom. The mirrors reflective surface is used to cover the front of the cabinets doors and is designed to reflect whatever is in front of the cabinet. The reflection creates an illusion of space as it reflects the rest of the room, making it fell like a continuous space. This is acts as a subtle and undetectable way of using mirrors as it camouflages with the environment. This significantly saves on space as no extra space can be used up for a vanity area as the mirrors can serve the purpose of vanity space. This would significantly save space in a small bathroom.

Thus, mirrors are great accessories for not only enhancing the beauty and décor of the house but can also be used to make small spaces feel extra spacious because of the space illusion characteristic.

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