Friday 28 May 2021

6 Unique Hotels In New York

Accommodation is one thing that we need to consider before we embark on a journey in New York. A good place to stay should make our experience in the Big Apple more memorable.

6 Unique Hotels In New York

  1. The Library in Midtown Manhattan: It is a special kind of hotel, in fact should be considered as a private club, instead of a hotel. There are guestrooms names with major branches of science, including Technology, The Arts, The Arts and Religion, General Knowledge, History and others. The Library has only 60 rooms and each is filled with books and a collection of arts relevant to the topic of the floor. For this purpose, guests could stay in a room that match their personal interests. The hotel also has a video library that we can access, guests get complimentary cheese and wine.
  2. Sofitel New York (Manhattan): It is a contemporary 30-story hotel known for its French art. Artworks relevant to New York and the old Paris fill many spaces in the hotel. Guests can enjoy the turndown services in the evening, which include fresh cut rose and Evian water. The hotel is known for its inventive cuisine that combines French and Asian influences.
  3. The Hudson Hotel (Midtown): The Hudson Hotel is known for its stunning views as guests could see the Hudson River in an impressive room. The design of the interior is simply fantastic with amazing combination of shape, sound and light. There are lobby bar, exhibition kitchen restaurants, ceiling fresco and indoor private park. We could see that the hotel interior seems to be inspired by the romance of ocean travel and room may feel like an upscale yacht when we examine more closely. At the 15th floor, there’s the Hudson Sky Terrace, which is a big landscaped terrace where we could enjoy cocktails while viewing the sweeping views of the Hudson River and the city of New York itself.
  4. The Dream Hotel (Midtown): The Dream Hotel is relatively new and it was opened in 2004. There are copper statues of Madonna with Child, Neptune and Catherine the Great. The interior design looks like haute couture with hints of Alice in Wonderland. Because the hotel is founded by an Indian-descent, we could find some culture-related offerings, such as the Chopra Center, which is dedicated to Ayurveda.
  5. The 60 Thompson (SoHo District): The 60 Thompson is a marvellous luxury hotel dotted with birch trees. The interior has trendy downtown scene and the rooftop lounge for special members are simply breathtaking. There are photographs of Laura Resen that improves the overall interior. The roof garden allows us to get the 360-degree view of Manhattan skyline. In fact, the 60 Thompson is considered among the hottest hotels in many lists. There’s a chic Thai restaurant that we can visit on the ground floor.
  6. Trump International Hotel & Tower (Manhattan): The hotel is located directly at the Central Park, which is probably the best location for a hotel in New York. It is a 52-story contemporary hotel and it has the prestigious five-star rating.


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