Friday 01 December 2023

7 Best Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas are known for their wonderful hotels and here are places we should consider to visit:

The Venetian: The Venetian is among the most elegant and stunning hotels in Las Vegas and it is known for its rich Italian ambience. It is popular for the gondola rides that allow guests to enjoy canals that are modelled after the real ones in Venice. We could visit nearly a hundred of dining places and shops, as well as numerous attractions with musicians and street jugglers. We could also stroll down streets that look almost identical to the one we see in Venice.

7 Best Las Vegas Hotels

  1. Bellagio: Bellagio is a luxurious hotel known for its 1,200 water fountains, gallery of fine arts and an excellent spa, while its marvellous botanical garden has Mediterranean-like landscaping. At more special occasions, guests are entertained with acrobats, divers and synchronized swimmers. Bellagio has great rooms with marble showers and warm interior. Visitors should also appreciate the wood furnishings, amazing artwork and fully-stocked mini bars.
  2. Wynn Las Vegas: This hotel is known for its marvellous architectural beauty. There are ceiling-to-floor windows, 3-acre lake, 18-hole golf course and numerous lagoons. The Wynn hotel is also known for its nightlife and guests are entertained by well-choregographed dancers and acrobatics. Wynn hotels have suites with high quality drapery, remote-controlled lighting, room messaging services and impressive furnishings.
  3. Aria: Aria is simply a great architectural masterpiece and it has 16 diverse restaurants, like Sage, Blossom and Julian Serrano. The entertainment and nightlife at Aria is simply revolutionary. Rooms in the Aria have private water closet, wireless Internet connections, high quality draperies, controlled room temperature, adjustable lighting, large screen TV and ceiling to floor windows.
  4. MGM Grand Hotel: MGM Grand Hotel is known for its huge bronze lion statue that welcomes guests to the beauty and grandeur of MGM hotel. There are lion zoo, high-end restaurants, dozens of shops, famous nightclubs and five thousands rooms. In fact, MGM Grand hotel could be considered a city within the Las Vegas itself. Its casino floor is very large and bigger than 3 football fields combined. Guests could choose private villas or deluxe suites when they visit Las Vegas. The rooms have pillow-top mattresses, wireless Internet connection and spacious marble bathrooms.
  5. Caesars Palace: It is a wonderful Roman-styled hotel with wonderful amenities benefitting the real Caesar himself. There are various fine dining restaurants and guests could also choose various casual dining options in the hotel. Rooms in the Caesar are known for their cool and stylish designs.
  6. The Cosmopolitan: People who just entered the Cosmopolitan may mistake it as a huge chandelier. There are an amazing nightclub, numerous fashion shops, three pools, five lounges, 24-hour room service and 13 restaurants. Even the most standard room provide a wide degree of luxury with refrigerator, modern kitchenettes, sliding doors, adjustable lighting and temperature and luxurious bathrooms.

With so many accommodation options in Las Vegas, we should visit it at least once on our lifetime.