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7 Effective Tips To Create A Winning Resume

7 Effective Tips To Create A Winning Resume

This is a dream of every student to build a successful career after completion of studies. For this they tend to start searching for appropriate jobs. But sometimes, no matter how genius a student is, it becomes difficult for him to get a chance in any respectable organization. Ever wondered why? This depends primarily on your C.V/resume!

Though it appears to be the easiest task to write a resume, you merely have to mention about yourself; however, writing an impressive resume is actually a skill. If your resume is appealing to your probable employer, there are more chances of you being preferred over the others for a vacancy. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips that could really help you make-up an interesting C.V.

7 Effective Tips To Create A Winning Resume

1: Place an Appropriate Title on Your C.V

This would be the first thing to grab attention of your employer. Therefore, mentioning a suitable title on your resume may increase the chances of you being shortlisted. You can mention professional titles, such as “Digital Marketing Expert”, “Software Sales Expert” or other specialty of yours.

2: Write a Defined Objective

The objective on your resume directly depicts your aims and future goals. It also explains your professional desires to be part of an organization. Hence, you must be extremely careful while writing an objective. It must be impressive, must correlate to your professional career, and must focus on your professional traits.

3: Mention Your Career Summary

Mentioning an impressive career summary is essential, as it helps the employer to understand how skilled and trained you are, and what benefits they can achieve from your employment. You can mention your progress and key achievements in this section. Nevertheless, mentioning each and every details of your career is never good. Your career summary must be having only those details which are correlated to the organization’s interest. Mentioning irrelevant information may distract the employer.

4: Mention Your Employment History

Similar to writing your career summary, in this section, you will mention all those details of your employment history that directly relate to your objective and the organization’s interest. Instead of stating your entire job description of current or past employment, simply justify the posts at which you are working/have worked, your working experience, and mention your targets achieved. Avoid writing anything false or incorrect in your employment history, as it will seriously harm your credibility if anything is found incorrect.

5: Write Details of Your Education

You should mention your education in an impressive manner, writing about your subjects, courses, and results. The placement of this section makes your resume variable. For fresh graduates, it should be mentioned before experience, as education is the main thing to describe your potential; while for experienced persons, it should be mentioned after experience and employment history, since the employer is more interested in your working history, rather than your education.

6: Mention Your Skills

Writing your skills enhances the weight age of your resume. You can freely mention your professional, technical, and adaptive skills. Nevertheless, avoid mentioning anything irrelevant! Your skills will show you as a strong candidate especially when the skills are relevant to the job position you are applying for. However, it is better to avoid listing the ones which are completely irrelevant to the current job as this may devalue your other qualities which are actually required for the job.

7: Any Additional Information

In the end of your resume, you can mention additional information about yourself, such as the languages you know, your hobbies (must be constructive ones), any extra course(s) you have passed, or specified training that you acquired in the past.


Your resume is the first step to build your impression on the employer’s mind! Therefore, the more carefully you prepare your resume, more are the chances of your employment. If you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you may be able to prepare an eye-catchy and attention-grabbing resume.

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