7 Latest Makeup Trends To Try This Fall

The curtains of the fashion weeks for another season has closed. They have established a tone for the new trends in fashion industry. Fall’s makeup and beauty trends are exactly opposite of the spring/summer trends. From electric eye makeup look to berry lips , the fall trends are like masterpiece of art. The makeup in this season sustain longer and offers experimentation. Runway has spoken, let us now explore the latest trends in makeup

1.Pop of Pigments

This season’s makeup calls for an artistic hand. The makeup artists have been extremely creative in using the pigments this fall. The raw creativeness has been explored in depth. We have seen bold brows, pop of color in eye makeup, colorful lashes and what not. The contemporary pigments have embrace the traditional prints this season.

2.Reinvented Eyeliner

This season has been tough for basic black liner. The basic black liner is transformed into gothic smear, blurred smoky and even broken into bits. The fashion industry is using anything but basic black liner. This new invention has changed the eyeliner game for good.

3.Snagged Lip

Lip liners have been an essential part of the makeup routine. But this fall ditch the lip liner and let abandon the lip makeup rules. Makeup artists purposely skipped lip liner. They wanted a blurry, faded and smeared look for the lips. Sometimes one lipstick has been worked through three different brushes to achieve a diffused look.

4.Acid-Bright Neon

Surprisingly neons have made a comeback and they are here to stay. A vibrant wash of extremely pigmented neons have become the most favorite go to for the season. The acid bright shades are head turning. The gaudy shades of red, orange, blue and pink weren’t just restricted to lids.  They appeared on hair color ideas extensions and lips as well.

5.Glitter All Over

The looks in fashion weeks have been upgraded with the use of glitter and sequins. Glitters are definitely making a comeback to the beauty lexicon. Not just on lids, glitter and sequins was seen on the edges of eyes. They were also used as a highlighter on the brow bone.

6.Vampy Lips

Dark lips were spotted as the major trend in the biggest fashion weeks this season. Providing instant character to the face, dark lipsticks was the favorite trend that was grabbed by the audience. Black, wine, plum or vampy were paired with killer pouts and create the most sassy look. Matte or glossy, dark pigments are not leaving us for long.

7.The Lash Bash

The doll like lashes are getting more famous than the false eyelashes this fall. The twiggy lashes with loads of mascara will nail your lash game. This look can be achieved by applying maximum coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashline. Many models were spotted with twiggy lashes and naked eyes in the fashion weeks.

From minimalistic tribal look to the return of gothic, we have explored an immense amount of beauty trends this season. Fall is all about embracing the warm and dark makeups. Let us get ready for the fall this year with an updated makeup routine.

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