7 Life Lessons I Learnt From Mountain Climbing

There are many mountaineers that have climbed the highest mountains of the world. Everyone learned one or other thing while climbing up these Rocky Mountains. No matter, whether it was an Aconcagua Trek or a Philippines highest mountain climb up, they learned many things which have been jotted down to remember while planning an upcoming mountain trek.

Important lessons learned from mountain climbing

  1. Keep going

The Mountaineers have clearly said that mountain trek or climb up is not at all easy as it sounds exciting or adventurous. It tests the real stamina of a person, pushes him or her to extreme limits. The important thing you must keep in mind is, never ever quit in between. You should keep going to reach your goal point.

  1. Don’t settle down. Go for better things

You should never settle down in between the trek after viewing the beautiful scenes. There are so many things that wait for you on the mountain peak. Thus, you should not stop in between and never satisfied yourself with the basic views. The most happening thing lies at the top of the peak, for which you have to climb to the top.

  1. Take your own time. Have patience

Sometimes there comes a time when your fellow friend, climbing up the mountain reaches for the top, faster than you. At that time, you must never lose your hope at all. Let go the feeling of loss. Climb at your own pace and you will reach your point in less time. Hence, have patience and take your time for gaining the heights.

  1. Believe in yourself

This is the most important thing which you must consider. It is a real lesson that a lot of mountaineers have given in the past. Without believing in yourself, you can never fulfill any of your dream or goal. So, if you want to climb Aconcaguaa, then you must truly have faith in your hard work. Never be dependent on others to help you in reaching that place.

  1. Say bye to your fears

If you have ever wondered as of how to climb Aconcagua, then the very first you should do is, face your deepest fears. The important fear for most of the people during the mountain trek is height. Don’t be terrified by them at all. Start handling your fears better. Take a deep breath and start off your journey. You will find that you will reach your aim without any hassle.

  1. Embrace your discomfort and celebrate

You must not get stressed over anything. You should focus on aiming at that height and go with a flow. Similarly, on reaching your height, celebrate and enjoy the hard work which helped you in climbing so high.

  1. Take care

You must follow a healthy and fit lifestyle. When planning to climb up a mountain, you must be ready for it, in terms of physical and mental fitness. You should pay attention to all of your pain, sweat and deep breath.

These 7 lessons are really helpful and must be kept in mind while planning to climb up the high mountains of the world.

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