7 Most Popular Online Educational Tools


Online educational tools offer students with different services that make their academic lives easy worldwide.


Internet is emerging as a basic part of our lives and it seems that humans have become more dependent on it with passing each day. Students also follow the same trend and there are sites that operate with the vision of helping students worldwide. The following list includes descriptions of educational websites that are most popular in the world of internet.


Edmodo allow teachers and students to collaborate via online community and the structure is very closely similar to that of Facebook. Online tutoring services have become famous because students can get help from well qualified teachers at any time of day. Students used to face problems during homework, and they do not have anybody educated to turn to in past. Now, Edmodohas resolved this problem for students globally.


Ever heard of pen-pals who used to write letters to each other on regular basis? The same concept is applied in technological form, and the resultant form is termed ePals. Project managers at leading organizations would connect through the website to use ready made modules to facilitate communication between teams. Students also use ePals to collectively conduct academic projects as well.


Grockit offer special learning environment that adapts student’s learning speed and style. The site gives him the ability to answer quizzes accurately by noting errors and providing feedback at the end of each exercise.  Students share their results of associated social platform. Competition continue amongst the participants that cause more learning to take place.


Mindmeister is created for teams that work on different projects. The most famous characteristics of the program include mind-mapping and brainstorming tools that enable working groups to conceptually construct their projects within a facilitating integrated atmosphere.

Open Study

Open Study is a social platform much like Facebook that allows students to solve problems by providing bilateral help. Exchange of information takes place between students who are studying same subjects at globally dispersed educational centers.

Voice thread

Voice thread is the most differentiated website in the list because it permits video and audio content to be shared and distributed worldwide. Wide range of Slideshows and lectures are present on the website.


Yammer is a collaborative website that connects different teams, departments and organizations within a unified working environment. You need to create a workgroup on the website and after that, you can add more people into the group, and start working without any delay.

There are many websites that provide collaborative learning services. This post shared the best ones. You can choose any of the websites on the basis of personal inclination.  You can also search the web to find more suitable site according to your specific needs. This is all up to you because you are the BOSS here!

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