Wednesday 01 February 2023

7 Reasons To Choose St Andrews University

7 Reasons To Choose St Andrews University

If you are at that exciting stage where you are considering which university gets your vote, allow me to sing the praises of St Andrews University. It may be a relatively small place, tucked away in a northern corner, but what it lacks in size it more than compensates for in history, sophistication and academic punch. Read on for seven reasons St Andrews University should make your shortlist of study options for your degree…

7 Reasons To Choose St Andrews University

Sweet Scotland

One of the leading reasons to choose St Andrews is that it is located in Scotland. With its unique and distinctive culture, Scotland makes a fascinating destination at any time, but when you get the opportunity to absorb the true nature of the place, it’s even more impressive. Students arriving from elsewhere will discover that Scotland is far more than a land of bagpipes, tartan and shortbread, but a major player on the academic stage that has a well earned reputation for educational excellence.

The History and Tradition

St Andrews University was established way back in 1410, so it has plenty of history and tradition to look back upon. It is the oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest English speaking university globally.The impressive medieval architecture of the university buildings and quads provides a perfect backdrop to learning.

The town of St Andrews is quite small and the university population during term time significantly boosts the local numbers. The scale of the town means that the atmosphere is friendlier than city establishments as all student life is played out on a much smaller stage. Student satisfaction surveys regularly report positive feedback in terms of the academic rigour of degree courses as well as the social side of university life, the two key elements most students are interested in.

The Great Outdoors

If you are a lover of the great outdoors then with St Andrews you’ll hit the jackpot. Famous the world over for its golfing connections and famous links courses, this place has enough wide open space to satisfy the keenest hikers, climbers and walkers. Set on the windswept East Coast, St Andrews town boasts three beaches and the brave (and fully wet-suited) may even paddle in the cold sea. The setting of the town on the coast is wild and scenic and those who appreciate landscapes with a certain bleak beauty will not be disappointed.

The Alumni

Maths boffins may be swayed by the fact that the father of the logarithm, John Napier, studied here. Budding politicians may be inspired to hear that James Wilson, one of the instigators of the American Constitution and also Alex Salmond once First Minister of Scotland, were ex students. Add to that cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, writer Fay Weldon and royals The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are past students. Having produced an impressive six Nobel Laureates and many inventors, statesmen, political leaders and journalists, it’s an educational institution that although small, definitely punches above its weight.

The Accommodation

The university is a blend of ancient and modern with its historic academic buildings and new modern faculties too. The same can be said for student accommodation. The beautiful contemporary facilities on the beach at East Shore offer student accommodation St Andrews should be really proud of, with well equipped and modern studios and apartments to rent. If you want a stylish apartment with sea view to compliment your studies then for student accommodation St Andrews has got it nailed.

The Romance

The small and intimate scale of St Andrews seems to encourage romance. The most famous couple to have got together here are, of course, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But statistics reveal that one in ten St Andrews students actually meet their marriage partner here during their course – so if you are hoping for luck in love, maybe that’s another tick in favour of this great place.

The Social Life

As well as studying, student life revolves around socialising so it’s good to learn St Andrews is home to thirty pubs – a different one for every day of the month! Because the town is small, a lot of the socialising takes place around the student union which has a packed programme of events and regular club nights throughout term time.

There are way more than seven surefire reasons for studying at St Andrews, but these tempting tasters are just to get you interested. Why not take a look for yourself and learn what this impressive establishment has been getting so right for the last six hundred years?