7 Reasons Why Marquee Weddings Are True Dream Weddings

As weddings only tend to come around once in a lifetime, they are the very dictionary definition of the kinds of events that have to be fundamentally flawless.  There’s no margin for error, no opportunity for a second attempt at things and only a single day in which to make the dreams of so many people come true. Suffice to say, it’s quite the burden to bear for those taking charge of organising the wedding, for whom unnecessary complications are to a large extent completely unacceptable.

Which is exactly why the concept of marquee-hire doesn’t tend to cross the minds of the masses – it’s often assumed to be something of a needless complication.  According to the experts at however, the truth can actually be quite to the contrary. When you actually take the time to look at the specifics and the benefits of marquee weddings, it’s hard to dispute the fact that they are in almost every capacity genuinely superior and the stuff dreams are made of.

So for those looking to organise a wedding in the near future or are perhaps already in the process of getting things sorted, here is a quick look at seven reasons why marquee weddings really are the very epitome of the real-life dream come true:

1 – Total Venue Freedom

First of all, there may be plenty of wedding venues around your locality, but you are still technically relatively limited when it comes to freedom of choice. By contrast, when you choose a marquee wedding you open up literally thousands of potential venues pretty much anywhere there’s a patch of open space. It could be somewhere that means something special to the couple, somewhere with a beautiful backdrop or simply somewhere that’s easy for everyone to get to – it really is a case of total venue freedom.

2 – Your Own Theme and Décor

You may be able to bring a few decorations and adornments into the average event hall, but it’s not as if you can really go crazy with the personalisation. Instead, once again, you are relatively limited to what’s already on offer. With a marquee wedding on the other hand, you can pretty much have the entire event space built around and in accordance with your exact specifications from top to bottom. So if you prefer a wedding that’s 100% unique to you and exactly what you’ve always dreamed of, a marquee wedding could be your ideal solution.

3 – Any Shape, Any Size

There’s also limitless scope when it comes to the exact size and specification of marquee to suit your needs right down to the ground. Whether you’re looking to invite 20 people or several hundred, you’ll be able to find exactly the marquee to suit without paying a penny more than absolutely necessary. There’s so much flexibility that rather than adjusting your needs to the capacity and specifics of the venue itself, things actually work the other way around.

4 – Superbly Social

Another brilliant benefit of the marquee wedding is the way in which it can be an infinitely more social event than a standard indoor reception. The reason being that when positioned in a beautiful outdoor setting, it’s inevitable that guests will spend a good deal of time wandering around, exploring the outdoors and generally socialising with each other. Suffice to say, this contrasts rather enormously with the kind of standard indoor wedding where most stay glued to their tables for the entire duration of the event.

5 – Stick To Your Budget

As already mentioned, to plan a marquee wedding is to stand the best possible chance of putting together an extraordinary wedding while still remaining within the confines of your budget. It’s simply a case of finding a reputable service provider, letting them know what you have to work with and allowing them to put together your dream package.

6 – Freedom of Choice

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when organising a marquee wedding, you will also benefit from total freedom of choice when it comes to things like catering and equipment hire. Instead of just being limited to the on-site service in any given hotel or conference facility, you can bring in any hired help you like in accordance with your personal preferences and budget.

7 – Curfew?

Last but not least, to host a marquee wedding is to host an event where you and you alone are in charge of scheduling. In a vast majority of standard events venues and indoor facilities, they tend to be very strict curfews and limitations with regard to the exact times the party can start and is required to finish. By contrast, a marquee wedding in a glorious outdoor setting doesn’t necessarily need to have any curfew at all, so there’s no need to stop the party just because the sun will once again soon be up!

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