7 Surprising Benefits Of Breastfeeding Your Baby

Some women love it and they will breastfeed indoors and outdoors, regardless of who is there, while others absolutely dread it. Some mothers want to badly but their body does not allow them to while others can feed their babies for hours but choose not to. Wherever your opinion lies on breastfeeding, this is not another article to convince you that breastfeeding is the only way you should feed your baby.

We know a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding like spending less money on milk and helping mothers and babies bond more quickly but there are other surprising benefits that fewer women might know about and if you are still debating whether you should breastfeed your child or not, the following list might help you make your final decision.

1.Weight loss

Mothers often feel the pressure to get back to their pre baby weight soon after giving birth but what many mothers don’t know is that rather than spending an hour at the gym, away from their baby, they can breastfeed their newborn and burn up to 500 calories a day which makes for one easy weight loss tool.

2. Less infections

Nutrition experts have found that babies who are breastfed are less likely to suffer from colds and viruses as well as pneumonia and gastrointestinal infections, all of which can be very risky when endured by newborns.

3. Stronger bones

Studies have shown that women who breastfeed end up with “much denser bones” from before breastfeeding mainly because those who do decide to feed their baby in this natural way manage to create a space where their body is able to absorb calcium much more efficiently than those who don’t, which means they have a reduced risk of osteoporosis as they grow older.

4. Lower risk of cancer

Studies have also shown that “non-breastfeeding mothers have a higher risk of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancers.” In one particular study, the results showed that “breastfeeding from 6 to 24 months throughout a mother’s reproductive season may reduce the risk of breast cancer by 11 to 25 percent.”

5. Faster recovery

One of the functions of breastfeeding is to help get the mother’s uterus back to its normal size and with breastfeeding mothers, this happens four weeks earlier than non-breastfeeding ones on average.

6. Less chance of metal in your child’s mouth

Children who are breastfed develop better facial muscle movement thanks to the suckling of the breast. On the other hand, “formula-fed babies have worse jaw alignment and are more likely to need orthodontic work as they get older. Additionally, breast milk’s bacteria fighting cells actually help prevent tooth decay.”

7. Less issues with food

Breastfeeding your newborn means that your baby is eating what you are eating and if you are one to eat healthy food and you consume a lot of vegetables then your child is more likely to develop a taste for these foods and be less picky about eating them as he grows older. This means less time having to convince your child to eat his vegetables and fruit.

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