Saturday 04 March 2023

7 Things Businesspeople Should Have During A Trip

Just a few decades ago, there were no smartphones and early laptops were ridiculously big, bulky and underpowered. Travelling businesspeople literally need to bring a few large briefcases to hold everything they need. Thankfully, as we are well inside the 2nd decade of 21st century; things have slimmed down considerably. Businesspeople could bring so much computing power with compact devices inside their small bags. Here are things they should consider to have during a trip:

  1. Internet access: What business professionals want is to get email and web access anywhere. They want to work in many places, whenever there’s a phone network coverage. This is particularly true if these people already depend on the cloud solutions. They find that they do more things in web-based solutions. It is important for us to make sure that most, if not all of our devices have built-in support for Internet access.
  2. Local file transfer: Obviously, business professionals should have support for various USB drives and external hard drive connection. The goal should be to have access on any local files. We shouldn’t rely on a device with limited wired connectivity options. It should be noted that iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad don’t have built-in support for microUSB connectivity, so we need to consider an alternative.
  3. Reliable security: Experts have hammered security issues into us over many years. Business professionals need to continuously transfer files and manage their email accounts. For this reason, they need to make sure that everything is secure sand safe. Information obviously needs to be distributed as necessary, but we should do this with proper security mechanisms.
  4. Messengers: Busy professionals often need to access messaging services, so they can establish a text-based conference with multiple users. Google offers G-Talk, but there are other messenger platforms for other smartphone models. It is important for us to stay in touch with the rest of professionals from whatever devices we are on.
  5. Multiple document supports: Many business professionals are working hard to eliminate papers from their activities. Our tablets have touchscreen display that can help us open documents and make light editing. Common document formats are Word, Excel and PDF, but we should have a software and device that also supports some of the more obscure formats. Companies in distant countries could still use older software that produce less popular formats.
  6. Presentation supports: Travelling businesspeople are often both speakers and presenters. So, it is important to have the ability to present things in PowerPoint format. When web presentations are needed we also need to have the tools necessary to make the session feels more convincing and exciting.
  7. File backup: For business professionals, it is acceptable to be somewhat paranoid. We want copies and copies of very important stuff stored in different storage media. Both onsite and offsite. There are some solutions that allow us to put and access files remotely. Things can be rather difficult if we have ever lost a portable drive, scratched a DVD or lost a hard drive. We all know the real pain of not owning a proper backup.