7 Things Parents Should Do to Protect Children in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry can be quite risky for many children. It is important for parents to protect their children from improper practices in the industry. There are ways parents could do to protect their child entertainers:

  1. Learn the entertainment business inside and out: The entertainment industry can be complex and parents should approach it from multiple perspectives. As an example, they should know how much that can be made and lost. Parents should know who will get what and why. The bottom line is, parents should understand about the intricacies of the entertainment industry. If parents don’t make the research work a priority, they could eventually be forced to claim bankruptcy, because the entertainment industry can be quite challenging.
  2. Prepare good press kits: With good press kits, it is possible for parents to properly protect their child entertainers. In this case, if parents are able to present children in a good way, it is possible that their children will participate in more positive entertainment shows. We know that the original casts of Harry Potter films were able to gain significant amount of revenue, without risking themselves to dubious entertainment practices. The demo should be properly produced and children need to be shown in a proper way. If children are supposed to sing, each song should be included clearly with impressive audio quality. There could be many offers that appear. However, parents should know that if there’s a person guarantees a stardom, it isn’t always true. This is particularly true when parents are asked to write check for the whole show.
  3. Establish track record sales: Before contacting recording labels, it is important for child singers to establish real track record sales. As an example, the CD and song downloads can be listed on many areas. It means that parents are able to have better bargaining power, because the child has generated valuable products before the negotiation.
  4. Know more about the label finances: We should know that label finances are essentially loans. They are not gifts and we need to pay them back. The whole recording industry can be seen as a business and parents shouldn’t see any loan as form of charity. If parents are not aware of this, it possible that they will fall into specific traps and they lose everything.
  5. Prepare children for the show business: If parents want to make sure that children are in the right path, it is important to make sure that children are fully prepared. When children are less prepared for the show business, they can be demanded by the producers to choose less appropriate paths.
  6. Improve dance, vocal and acting skills: Children need to learn more, so they are able to improve their skills. By ensuring children to have proper skills, they will have much better controls on what they should do in the entertainment industry.
  7. Be aware of the upfront fees: Some people could claim that are able to make children a real star. Agents and managers get paid for specific percentage. It is important to know the amount of money that should be paid to agents and managers. In fact, some parents don’t even know the real differences between agents and managers.
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