Saturday 15 May 2021

7 Things To Keep In Your Bag For An Instant Makeover

Running late? Got a meeting to attend and not dressed for it? Meeting with your friends straight after work and you look like a hag? It happens to all of us once in a while. The trick is to always be prepared. The busy lifestyle of today’s woman does not allow for leisurely makeovers. The time has come to arm yourself with a ready arsenal of instant makeover supplies to look great even when you’re pressed for time. Looking polished and refreshed all the time can help boost your confidence.

7 Things To Keep In Your Bag For An Instant Makeover

  1. Moisturizer: Keep a mini jar of your favorite moisturizer in your bag. Washing and moisturizing your skin can make you feel fresh and give your skin a much need lift after a hard day’s work. A mini spritzer with a refreshing toner or plain old rose water can work just as well.
  2. Hair straightener: Nothing makes you feel better than having great looking hair. Straighteners are now available in all shapes and sizes. A small one can easily fit inside your bag for a quick hair fix. Even a quick fix to the front layers or bangs can give you a neat look.
  3. Concealer: Keep your dark circles and break-outs hidden! No one needs to be any wiser on late nights and skin trouble. Choose a cream concealer with a moisturizer to help with puffy eyes. It is also easier to apply and blend in.
  4. Instant teeth whitener: A dazzling smile can hide a million other faults. To brighten teeth in under a minute keep an easy to apply whitener and breath freshener on you at all times. The best ones look like transparent lipstick and can be applied on the go with no need to rinse out afterwards.
  5. Neutral lipstick: Nobody leaves home without a lipstick but you can’t keep the whole color range in the bag so settle for a nice neutral lipstick or gloss to add a touch of color to a tired face. Neutral colors are strongly recommended for older women to give a softer look.
  6. Mascara: Nice full lashes not only make your eyes open up and pop out, they also give your overall look a stylish finish. Change your usual mascara application by using it on the outer lashes only. Surprisingly enough this gives a more dramatic finish than coating the whole lash.
  7. Perfume: This goes without saying! Your favorite fragrance is a pick-me-up and can lighten your mood like nothing else.


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