Tuesday 07 March 2023

7 Ways Companies Can Establish Exciting IT Training Sessions


We have seen this over and over again. Company-sponsored classes have their attendees missing for various reasons. All over the office, employees would whisper, oh no it’s training day again… Why is this happen? Managers should take a look why their employees are reluctant to enjoy IT training courses. Here are things they can do:

  1. Look for exciting instructors: Instructors should be dynamic and exciting. They are well-focused to the important IT material and provide things that are relevant to employees’ issues in the company. It does suffice to say that a good instructor could hold the attention of attendees.
  2. Provide relevant topics: It bears repeating that employees should receive topics relevant to their activities. In some cases, class topics are poorly tailored to the actual jobs needs of employees. Things could change rapidly, material that the companies prepared 3 months ago could be outdated by now.
  3. Non-modular teaching material: Employees love modularity, including in teaching materials. This would help employees to understand things in specified modules. Teaching material should be broken down in smaller, more understandable chunks, so busy employees could still make head or tails of things that they are studying.
  4. No lengthy classes: HR department often sees training in terms of quantity. They may think that the more time employees spend time in the classroom the better. Although this makes sense if we have qualified instructors, employees could be less enthusiastic with lengthy sessions in the classrooms.
  5. Group employees based on skills: It is rather annoying to sit in a class with a bunch of know-it-alls who tend to take over the session, answer every question available and tend to push the pace of the course further than it supposes to. It is a good idea to put employees on their appropriate groups so everyone can learn at correct paces.
  6. Eliminate software and hardware glitches: This should be very obvious, because instructors have had so many troubles teaching courses because all the equipments and computers don’t work well. This situation may easily ruin a class, especially when instructors need to reboot the computers or try to make the projector working. This situation would be damn embarrassing for everyone, even for attendees.
  7. Invite fewer employees: Companies should consider employees who can really benefit from the courses. It would be an absolute mayhem if 40+ employees are crammed inside a meeting room. An ideal class size should be about one dozen attendees and we should go only as high as 15, we really have to. It is the absolute limit. Even if some teaching assistants are present, the venue may not be large enough to accommodate a large course. Some instructors literally need to yell so they can be heard above the noises of the air conditioner, people talking and computer keyboards chirping. At this situation, we could just forget about any quality teaching, because instructors would be hard pressed just to keep a large group of attendees well behaved.