7 Ways To Improve Your Home Without Hiring An Architect

Everyone wants their house to look like the cool places featured on Architectural Digest. Unfortunately, not all can hire Rem Koolhaas to redesign their family kitchen. Despite popular belief, you don’t need expensive architecture experts to refurbish your home. There are surprisingly simple ways to make a humble abode look beautiful for less than 100 dollars. If you are not a DIY fan, you can get hired help for cheap. So go ahead and read these top tips to add value to your home without emptying your bank account and get into a bankruptcy  :

1. Plant Bougainvilleas

You can make your house look a lot more posh than it actually is with a colourful garden. Proper gardening takes time and effort. But with the right plant, you can have a lush backyard in no time with hardly any work on your side.Bougainvillea is a remarkably resilient plant that grows like weed under the harsh summer sun or in the snowless Australian winter. It matures quickly and flowers constantly. Just put a small branch in a pot and watch the value of your house shoot up.

2. Organize the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s also the place that gets messy all the time. You don’t need to expand your kitchen to make it roomier. The key is to optimize the use of space you already have, rather than to make it bigger. You can start by installing hooks everywhere for the wayward napkins, oven gloves and the grocery bag filled with candy. Then get drawer organizers to keep your spoons separate from the forks. You can also buy organizers for your kitchen cabinets. Once you have proper places to keep the cutlery and food items, your kitchen will eventually have more space.

3. Get a swimming pool fence

If you have a swimming pool in your house, you can make it look more eye-catching with a glass enclosure. Forget about re-tiling your tiny pool with pink terracotta; it’s not worth the money. Aglass fence will make your pool look absolutely fabulous for outsiders looking in. They are not expensive and will keep your small kids or pets away from the deep end.

4. Install a pizza oven

So you can throw garden parties with style. You can buy readymade wood-fire pizza ovens from specialty stores. Most of these require little work to set up in your backyard. You can easily do it by yourself. Some stores will offer installation services, but these cost a fortune. It’s better to get help from a friend or a neighbour.  A pizza oven in the backyard will also do wonders for your property’s value.

5. Cheer up your backyard with a hammock

A hammock is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about outdoor furniture. That’s all the more reason to hang up one in your backyard. They will add a classy quirkiness to your garden. Your guests will love it and it’ll certainly pique the interest of potential buyers. Hammocks are not at all expensive and you can order them really cheap online. If you can afford it, sprinkle some sea sand on the ground below to really get that feeling of vacationing in Bali.

6. Decorate your patio

If you have a patio with nothing on it, you need to make changes now. A desolate patio is an eyesore.

“The best way to perk-up any backyard area is to buy an outdoor lounge set.” – MyDeal team

You will need to dish out some cash here. The prices will greatly vary depending on your choice. You can buy a basic set of chairs and tables at a department store for less than 150 dollars. A stylish, resort-style lounge set will certainly cost more. You should decide considering your budget.

7. Restyle cupboards with wallpaper

When was the last time you used wallpaper? Probably decades ago. Though wallpaper has long gone out of style for, well, walls, you can still use old rolls for new purposes. You can make your kitchen cupboards or storage space in the living room look livelier with vivid wallpaper. Do you use plastic or wooden storage cabinets? Paste some wallpaper on to make them less factory-made and more vintage.

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