8 Thing To Consider While Purchasing Coffee Table

In a living room, the center of attraction usually is a coffee table and so it has to be special. There are so many of the options available when choosing the right coffee table for your living room. Here are some tips when you go to choose a coffee table for your home. Refer below few things you need to consider when selecting the right coffee table for your living room.

Checkout Your Budget

See your budget what you can spend on furniture of your living room. In the case of a coffee table, you can get from ultra expensive to the budget fitted range. Try not to compromise with the quality if you really love something.

Shape Of The Coffee Table

Think about your living room before you go for a coffee table. Consider the shape and space your living room offers before you decide on the shape of the table. Whether or not your living room is smaller or bigger, narrow or broad, whether you have children or pets. All these factors need to be considered before selecting the shape of a coffee table. A rounded table will offer more space to walk by around it and it will be safe also if you have children or pets at home. A rectangular table will offer more space for storage. But, at the end, you need to consider your living room as a whole in relevance to its shape and space.

Size Of The Table

Consider the space of your living room and then decide upon the size of the table you need to have. More space, the bigger the table you can have in your living room. Also, consider the height of the coffee table you are going to purchase. Now, you need to consider the height of the coffee table keeping in mind the height of your sofa. If you have a higher sofa, then you need a taller table, almost 20-21 inches in height. A taller table is useful if you entertain a lot of guests at your place as it will be convenient for them to place their plates and stuff on it.

Functionality Of The Table

See if the table is more decorative or storage serving purpose. If you want to have a table just for the show then you can go for a fancy one which will offer you the best look of it with the minimum of the storage. Tables also come with the options of having drawers and shelves in them which are useful to store the kids’ toys and also they can store that stash of your magazines that you may read. Pick up the right table considering your requirements.

Material Of The Table

Coffee tables in a variety of materials and they offer different looks depending on the material you choose. These materials include oak, maple, cherry, walnut, metal, etc. Even glass tables are available. The most trendy and sophisticated look is been offered by wood as it has its own feel to it. Oak and maple are also popular when it comes to coffee tables. Select the material that suits your requirement considering the factors like kids and pets.

Style Of The Table

Styles of the coffee table include formal, informal, modern or vintage. You can select any of these considering your living room and the texture of it. Select the style that best suits your taste, personality and your living room.

Scale Of Your Furniture

Consider the space of your living room and then go for selecting the coffee table. If you bring in a heavy table that may serve the purpose but may be too heavier to move around when needed. It will be creating much of the hassle in moving it. The weight of the table is equally important as its height, shape, and style.

Using Alternatives

Often we use trunks or ottomans in place of coffee tables. They offer great utility along with giving a unique look to your family room. Especially, when you have crowded family and the living room gets occupied completely, these alternatives serve the best purpose. Also, they add a style and uniqueness to your living room.


Thus, living room being an important area of our home, we need to be selective in the matter of each piece of furniture that we are going to decorate in our family room.

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