8 Tips For Camping With Babies

Are you going on a camping trip with your baby? Well, you are surely in for lots of surprises—both good and not so good. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do to ensure that your baby’s first tent camping trip would be wonderful and enjoyable. Here are some of them for you to ponder about.

Test the Waters

Practice camping is a great idea for babies. You can practice camping in the backyard or going somewhere close to home to spend a night or two. This will give you an idea on how your baby would react to an outdoor activity or to staying in a place other than the familiar home.

Dress the Part

Bringing sufficient clothing is one key for success. Be sure to be prepared for any type of weather even though the weather report says sunny and bright sky. Also, your baby will get dirty many times during the trip so bring more clothes than you think your baby will use.

Protect from UV Rays and Insects

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen specially formulated for babies. Bring a wide brimmed hat for maximum protection against UV rays. Babies under six months are now allowed to wear insect repellent but you can make use of mosquito netting to be draped over your baby’s stroller or crib to protect him or her from mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Keep Everything Spick and Span

Pack hand sanitizer and many baby wipes. It would be a good idea to keep everything clean so that your baby would not acquire any bacteria or germs that can cause health problems.

Prepare Sufficient Meals

If your baby feeds on bottle, consider using bottle liners during the trip so you can just boil the nipples over the camp stove. Make use of premixed formula for convenience. Just see to it that you keep the cans cool until you would use them. If your baby has started eating finger foods, pack enough finger foods that do not need to be refrigerated. Commercial baby food provide easy and quick meals for your little one. Older children don’t need as much attention when it comes to food because they can eat almost anything that adults eat, including those freshly grilled meat and vegetables straight from your Coleman grills.

Think about your Baby’s Safety

Bring a first aid kit that contains a baby thermometer, antibacterial cream, baby fever reducer and other items recommended by your baby’s pediatrician.

Don’t Worry about a Little Dirt

While it is a good idea to keep everything clean more especially your kid’s food and drinks, you don’t have to worry that much when he goes out to crawl on dirt. A little dirt won’t hurt him as long as he doesn’t stick anything into his mouth (or nose!) Just keep a close eye on your little one to ensure that he doesn’t do anything weird. If you are not comfortable about the idea of having your kid crawl on dirt, the next best thing would be to bring a foldable playpen.

Double Up on Diapers

Cloth diapers are best to use for a camp setting, not only because they are environment friendly but also because they can be reused after washing and boiling. You can also bring a few disposables for emergency.

Bringing a baby to a camping trip can be a lot of work. But since you can’t stand being away from your precious one even for a day or two, you wouldn’t mind the extra work. Just make sure that you keep your baby safe all throughout the trip.

Anthony Carter is an avid camper who shares his experience and professioanl tips at SleepyBearCamping magazine.

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