8 Unusual Activities To Do In Bali The Last One Is Incredible!

There’s a good reason why Bali is on everyone’s bucket list. The mere mention of this place will lure travelers who wish to explore its temples, surfing spots, and rice paddies. Whether you want to visit its countryside for a retreat or the lively beaches for adrenaline pumping adventure sports, you’ll never go wrong with booking a flight to Bali. Backpackers, luxury tourists, yogis, couples, and families all come here to experience the best of what this tropical paradise has to offer.

In case you are already booked a flight to Bali, this list will make your planning extra convenient. We have compiled some of the not-so-typical activities to do in Bali.

1. Attend a Mud-wrestling Tournament

For an adventure that will make your Bali trip memorable, be sure to try Green School’s mud wrestling activity. It’s a good combination of bizarre and wonderful activity wherein teachers, students, and even visitors are welcome to take part in. It is commonly known as Mepantigan – a traditional and sacred act combining fire dance, Balinese martial art, music and drama. After the performance, you can join the mud extravaganza. That’s if you are okay with getting your clothes and whole body dirty while having fun.

2. Practice Yoga while Laughing Out Loud

Ubud, Bali has got lots of options on how you can practice yoga, including one that requires you to laugh your heart out.

We are all used to yoga sessions being calm, quiet, and peaceful – but not for this one. This laughter yoga class is designed to help you have a relaxed mind and body by eliminating anxiety, irritability, and tension. It can even counteract symptoms of depression, and elevate your self-esteem. Imagine a group of yogis laughing silly to get rid of stress and boost energy. Sounds like a fun activity to try, right?

3. Steam Sauna for your Most Intimate Area (for the ladies)

Did you know that there’s a smoking hot treatment for your private area in Bali? Yep, no kidding! If you’re really looking for an out of this world experience, this will definitely take the cake. Visit a v-spa in Bali and get a traditional Javanese ratus treatment. The treatment is done by having your private area smoked and steamed to restore its scent, youthful vitality, and shape. You will sit on a wooden chair with a hole that’s covered by a vinyl cushion for about 40 minutes. According to studies, this treatment also helps boost fertility, soothe menstrual cramps, and treat menopausal and menstrual complaints. It is harmless and can be done as often as you desire. Feed your curiosity when you visit Bali and see for yourself if it really provides the benefits it promises.

4. Marvel at an Artist’s Obscure and Erotic Gallery

Owned by an American artist named Symon, this bizarre gallery is known to many as Symon’s Art Zoo. Every part of it showcases loud colors, grotesque caricatures, and framed pictures. Step inside and you’ll be welcomed by a huge red phallus, along with other esoteric artworks. It is open daily from 8am until 5pm, and the admission is free. Symon himself and other local artists are often at the gallery to answer any questions you have about their artworks.

5. Improve your wellbeing by Partying All Day or All Night

Another odd way to practice yoga is to party like there’s no tomorrow minus the hangover the following day. The Yoga Barn offers two ways to let go and let lose with their Ecstatic Dance and Sunday Dance. Ecstatic Dancing happens in a darkened yoga studio wherein participants will shake stress and negativity out through different body movements. You can leave all inhibitions and doubts behind, and do exactly as what your body desires. The idea is to reach a certain stage of wellbeing by doing whatever you want to do. On the other hand, Sunday Dance is held in broad daylight. In this activity, anything goes. Whether you want to laugh, giggle, scream, hug someone, or cry, you are free to do so. The only thing you cannot do is to talk. You can do all these without worrying that someone is observing or judging you.

6. Feed Exotic Animals Right from your Hotel’s Window

Who says you need to travel all the way to Africa to live your African safari dream? Bali has the most unique types of accommodation, including one that allows you to watch and feed wild animals directly from your bedroom’s window. Mara River Safari Lodge offers you a one-of-a-kind experience to fulfill your wish of having a remarkable journey through the wild. Their suites have an open-air terrace so you can freely observe various animals at a close range.

7. Enjoy your Meal atop an Active Volcano

When in Bali, expect to have the most unique dining experiences, including dining in atop an active volcano. Adrenaline junkies should definitely check out Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant – a restaurant located at the edge of Mount Batur’s crater. Your meals will be served at their gorgeous dining area, overlooking the beautiful Lake Batur. These panoramic views and their delicious meals will surely make you forget that you’re sitting in a restaurant perched on an active volcano.

8. Drink a Coffee that is Made of Cat Poop

Kopi Luwak or Bali jungle cat poop coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the whole world. It includes part-digested coffee cherries that were eaten and then defecated by Asian palm civet. The production process of this drink is what makes it so special. After eating the cherries, the partially digested beans will be expelled in clumps through the defecation process. The beans are then harvested, washed, and roasted. Would you dare drink this roasted cat poop?

With all these suggestions in mind, it’s time to start packing for your next Bali adventure. Bookmark this page so you wouldn’t miss any of these great activities!

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