9 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Business

The social networking sites continue to dominate the Internet with Facebook and Twitter leading the way. Considering most of your prospective customers are now in at least one of the aforementioned social networking sites, you will be at a loss not to reach them through those platforms. This post looks at some of the ingenious social media tips you should use to improve your online marketing results.

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

The first thing you ought to do before you start working on social media marketing is to create a marketing plan. Having a plan will outline the steps you have to make and also help you avoid mistakes that may steer you off course.

When planning, make sure your strategy include social media management. Social media is all about engaging your audience. Failure to do this will significantly threaten your company’s presence on social media. You have to be proactive, listening and engaging. These are the secrets to being engaging on social media.

Focus on quality, not quantity

It is not about the number of accounts you have on social media but how well you engage your followers that matters. You do not have to post all the time on all your channels but you ought to do so regularly. Make sure each post adds value to your followers. It can be educative, entertaining, and funny and so on.

Always remember that customers shop at the small businesses for value. Have an online personality and give your customers something to keep coming back for. The goal is to build a healthy relationship with your customers and when this happens, your business will flourish.

Focus on Building a Community

Social media marketing is one of the best way of reaching out but it does not work like traditional advertising. You just don’t put out a message and hope someone will respond to it. Social media is all about being conversational. All this is centered on the idea of a community.

In everything that you do, make sure your goal is to educate, entertain and to grow your community. Encourage your followers to share and ‘Like’ your posts. The more people see your content, the further your message will get and the more followers you will be able to get. All in all, for this to work, you must focus on quality over quantity.

Invest in Advertising

The best thing about social media marketing is that you don’t have to spend a dime to get your message out there. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should ignore the paid options altogether. Do not be afraid to pay for advertising such as Google AdWords.

Most social networking sites give you the opportunity to amplify your messages with just a few clicks. Paying for targeted ads on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will help you reach more consumers and drive more traffic to your profile and website.

Focus on what Works

There are innumerable resources you can use online to improve your marketing skills. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at the social media efforts that really work and repeat the steps when promoting your own website.

The best way to focus on what really works is to do a social media audit of your presence on social media. A social media audit will help you get all your ducks in a row. You will know which profiles are earning you the most traffic and which ones are not.

Know when to Outsource

Things are changing and one remarkable change is the fact that you don’t need to manage your social media profiles on your own. You can now outsource. However, not everyone needs to outsource. You have to make sure that the decision to outsource is a wise one before choosing it.

Weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing takes time. You can’t just entrust anyone with the keys to your accounts. Choose an outsourcing company carefully. Some of the reasons why you may need to outsource are if you don’t have the time to manage your profiles and if your knowledge of social media marketing is shallow.

Boost the Traffic of your Website with Social Media

The purpose of creating social media profiles is to make your products and services noticed by prospective clients. As much as this is a great thing, it beats the purpose if the prospective customers will not have a way of purchasing your products once they learn about them. This is where the need to promote your website through social media comes in.

To promote your website, start by giving your web address on your profile. Second, you have to add links to every post that redirect to your website. This will not only redirect traffic to your website but also increase the number of quality inbound links. As a result of this, your ranking on search engines will improve.

Learn from Other Industry Leaders

The Internet can only teach you so much on social media marketing. To learn more about effective marketing, you need to look at what other industry leaders are doing. Keep a close eye on their social media campaigns and how they respond to comments on their page. Create an account and be one of their followers.

Consumers will also offer you great inspiration. Take a look at the content they share and how they phrase their messages. How does your target audience phrase their Tweets? Mimic their style when writing tweets or posts. The style of your audience should be your inspiration; how they share and why.

Be Active

Last but not least, you have to be active on all your social media profiles. Nobody wants to follow a dormant account. Add new posts at least once a day.

When used properly, social media marketing can significantly boost your business’ online presence and sales. Do not base your marketing strategies on presumptions but on solid facts. Learn from your consumers and competitors and use this inspiration to tailor your campaigns.

Author Bio

Nikki Forbes is a social media marketer with She uses her knowledge of social media marketing to enlighten marketers on the best online marketing practices that bring solid results.

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