Tuesday 07 March 2023

A 5 Minute Briefing Related To Small Business PBX

When you are about to start a new business, surely there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Good communication between each and every individual of the business is very important. The phone system of your office must work very smoothly and properly. However the question arises that which phone service you have to go for. This task can be a little confusing but if you know the basics, it would be helpful for you to choose the right phone system for your business.

Phone Systems

  • There are basically four types of phone systems that are widely used. The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is one of the most common and traditional phone system and is widely popular.
  • If you have a mid-size business, there are lot of options for you. One of them is the key system unit that controls all the phones in a unit.
  • With the advancement in technology a new phone system has come in market that is the VoIP. It is economical and provides better quality than the traditional phones.


One of the most used and widely popular phone systems is the PBX. PBX phone system for small business is perfect and is quite affordable. It is a traditional system of network that used phone switching system to manage the outgoing and incoming calls of the users of the company.

It also shares and manages multiple lines. At first the PBX had internal and external phone lines, electronic console, or computer server that managed routing and call switching, manual control console. It was not an easy task to customize PBX. If you had to make any modifications in the features or extensions or upgrade any feature, you had to call the maintenance person to come from the phone company.

Cloud-based PBX

  • With the Cloud based PBX, you can switch and connect to Voice over IP and the landline calls. You don’t have to wait for the maintenance person to come from the phone company and get your upgrades or repairs done, you can manage the functionality and features of your business’s phone system.
  • Cloud PBX has been very helpful and is an easy way to use your phone system over larger distances. While using the same extension setup and area code, you can contact many people at a time through the same phone system.
  • You also have an option to customize the extension settings of your phone system and make changes in any of the feature you like.

PBX has been very useful and widely used for small or mid-size businesses. Traditionally you had to pay for the additional features for your PBX and also for the minutes you use the phone. Now you get a hosted PBX that also comes with unlimited calling facility and all the features that you require for your business. Be updated and choose the right phone system for your business and stay connected without any problem.