A Basic Guide To Salmon Fishing

Salmon is a fish species belonging to a migratory family. Salmon is mostly found along the coast of North Atlantic, Pacific and even in the Great Lakes. They can only spawn in freshwater, but they may migrate to oceans in between the spawning seasons. Salmon fishing equipment and methods used largely vary, depending on the region, species and season. Nevertheless, there are some salmon fishing lures that are considered to be effective. Regardless of the type of lure you use, color is of extreme importance. For example, at depths of 50 feet, all colors are visible and can be used for salmon fishing. But when in deep waters, it is best to stick to greens, purples or blues. Glow lures and ultraviolet lures can also work well in deeper regions.

Best Lures for Salmon Fishing

Spoons are considered to be the best salmon lures and they are the most effective when catching Coho and Chinook species of the Salmon family. Spoon lures are an oblong and concave oval, attached to the hook. This oblong lure is normally made of a painted metal or reflective material. Its design is intended to replicate the figure of a small fish and the random movements as well as it is drawn with the help of a fishing reel through the water. Spoons are even more effective for downrigger fishing and trolling, and the Spoons with the most active fluttering motion are considered to be the best salmon lures. To increase the fluttering motion, you can increase the concave angle by bending the Spoon with your fingers.

Spinners are considered as effective river salmon lures as they are capable of generating powerful vibration in the waters while moving, which is beneficial in alerting the salmon present in the area. Although the Spinner category has many different designs that are fundamentally varying, they all have one feature in common: reflective metal blades that can spin when reeled in. Just like the Spoon lures, the motion and appearance of the Spinners are designed to imitate that of a small fish. They work better in murky and calm waters. Spinners are also available in variable colors and sizes, so the color can be varied depending on the waters as discussed before.

Plugs Are Also Effective

Plugs are also effective as salmon lures, especially the wobbling ones. They are rigid and solid lures that mainly feature multiple hooks painted with reflective paint to resemble baitfish. Wobbling plugs are made of two separate metal pieces that are connected by a hinge. This gives a fluttering motion as they move back and forth when reeled in. They attract attention by this random motion, and it makes them appear more natural. Cut plug lures are also effective for salmon fishing, especially on the coasts of the Pacific and Great Lakes. The cut plug lure style is that of a floating plug, which is commonly used during downrigger salmon fishing.

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