Wednesday 08 September 2021

A Brief Discussion On Bionic Arm

Technology has advanced exponentially in the last few years and ORM has been quite successful representing tech based companies. Those companies tended to make products used for leisurely activities; however, their new client is a tech company who specifically work for the medical industry. Their latest product is a bionic arm. This is a new age prosthetic limb which doesn’t require any form of surgery to connect nerves to the cybernetics in order to get it to move.

It simply requires the user to properly connect the sticky attachments at key points of the limb and the electrical signals will allow the user to move the prosthetic as if it was their own arm. The movement feels very real and fluid according to many people who tested the product. The company who designed the bionic arm was inspired by a star wars character, Luke Skywalker. His arm was sliced off by his own father and to the audiences in 1980; they all thought his journey as a Jedi has come to an end. Little did they know that he would return in the next film with a prosthetic limb which feels and moves like a real limb.

A Brief Discussion On Bionic Arm

This was their benchmark; they wanted amputees to feel like they never lost their arm or leg in the first place. At the moment, they are only working on promoting the arm with ORM services because they want to get the product and the company name out there into the public eye. The reason is that there are many companies trying to achieve the same goal as this company and in order to gain market control is by advertising both the product and the name of the company.

The best way for ORM to market the product and name is by posting heartfelt videos of people’s stories on how they lost their arm and then talk about their first experience of trying out the bionic arm. In the videos, many people started to cry after trying the product since most of them admitted that it felt identical to when they actually had their arm.

The wave of technology during life forms and manufactures is, contained in each proponents of bionic technology, desirable for evolutionary limit typically forces subsistence organisms, including fauna and green plant, to become completely optimized and efficient. A classical lesson is the knowledge of dirt- and water-repellent imitate from the comment that the climb of the lotus flower fabricate is gradually unstuck for anything. In the work of computer science, the raw material of bionics has produced exaggerated neurons, theatrical neural networks and overflow intelligence.

People who were born without an arm or hand felt superhuman when they tried on the arm. Some even suggested how the bionic arm was more powerful than a real arm. The creator admitted that if someone were to make a few adjustments to the bionic arm, you can increase the “forearm” strength. ORM realized these videos would become popular on social media sites rather than a commercial.


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