Wednesday 01 February 2023

A Detailed Information About Laser Marking System

The benefits of laser marking machines can’t be overlooked due to their vast productivity. Not only these machines help to identify a brand but also, they increase the value of the product by adding various features. The decorative features may include the company’s logo or modifying the appearance of the product’s surface.

The process of laser marking

laser marking is the process where the material surface is interacted by the laser beam. To create the marks of high contrast and not to disrupt the material, a process called discoloration is used. There are 4 types of laser marking available in the industry; carbon migration, annealing, foaming, and coloration.

Why do you need laser marking?

In order to get yourself established as a brand in the market, you need to present your product in a way that people can easily recognize it. By including your company’s signature and logo can increase the market appeal. Laser marking helps to make your product more marketable and thus provide you with the advantage of standing up among your competitors. The Laser marking market is classified into 4 different parts; fiber laser, diode laser, solid-state laser, CO2 laser.

Fiber laser marking

Fiber laser marking can create intense marking even with tiny focal diameter. The handheld fiber laser marking system is capable of increasing the intensity 100 times higher than that of any co2 laser marking system. This marking system is capable of providing fine details and aptness. In order to trace a product or to identify it and marking barcodes or serial numbers, fiber laser marking systems are in huge demand.

Co2 laser marking

Due to its exceptional efficiency and the quality of the beam, flying co2 laser marking machine is booming in the market. It is one of the popular forms of laser marking systems. These marking systems are used for marking non-metallic materials such as wood, glass, acrylic, plastic, textiles, foils, leather, film, and stone.

Diode laser marking

The process of diode laser marking system requires laser diodes to pump. This marking system can be operated with minimum power supply. And the marking can last upto 50,000 hours or more. If you are searching for low-cost laser marking solution then this machine will be apt choice for you.

Solid-state laser marking

The amplification medium of a solid-state laser marking system is crystal. The medium helps to create light amplification due to high atom concentration. The small diameter offers high resolution marking on the product surface.


There are online sites available from where you can buy flying co2 laser marking machine or any of the laser marking machines based on your purposeThey add proper specification, features so that you can choose which one suits the best. So, take all the advantages of laser marking system and build your brand in the industry.