A Nice Long Trip from Delhi To Jaipur and Back

Plan a twin visit to Delhi and Jaipur in under a week and have the time of your life! There is nothing that could go wrong in these two top tourist destinations and their proximity to each other makes it even more accessible to anyone.

Here is a short itinerary for you to go about your trip to the top two holiday destinations in India at one go.

There is an abundance of choices with regards to spots to visit from Delhi. From exquisite hill stations to recorded locales, you will simply need to drive up for a couple of hours on the off chance that you are to be amidst awesome occasion destinations. Delhi also lies very close to one of the top tourist attraction to India, the Pink city of Jaipur wherein lies a great deal of the most popular monuments and palaces from India. You can take a train from Delhi to Jaipur and catch one on your way back or simply book a Jaipur to Delhi cab which is actually much more convenient and you will get introduced to the beautiful sceneries along the way. If you are planning a trip to the cities, follow the instructions below.

Touch Base in Delhi

The first step is to touch base to Delhi, regardless of wherever you arrive from. Take a quick sightseeing trip in Delhi before you head on to Jaipur. Make this first visit to Delhi a trek to Old Delhi. Go around for touring and witness the rich chronicled and social foundation of the city. Visit the different authentic landmarks and points of interest. Visit the street markets, particularly ‘Chandi Chowk’ to get the genuine “Dilli” feeling. Eat at a legitimate North Indian burger joint and crevasse on the rich delectable Punjabi nourishment cooked in the way it ought to. Resign to your inn and book your taxi for your trek to Jaipur the following day.

The Delhi-Jaipur Venture

Begin early the next day. It will take you atleast 7 hours in case you are coming from North Delhi, however, if you stay in the Southern region of Delhi, you should be able to quickly get out of the city and make it to Jaipur within 5 hours by road. The road from Delhi to Jaipur is energizing and enticing! The roads are smooth and huge, and the passing landscapes are simply amazing. You will be in the city by lunchtime if you start early, which means you can straightaway get on with your sightseeing tour post-lunch. You can travel around in the taxi you have arrived from Delhi depending on how you work things out with the driver. Plan a stay of at least 3 days in Jaipur and explore each place thoroughly. Make sure you pay a visit to ‘Old Jaipur’ before you leave. Old Jaipur is the part of the city where the last of the ‘Pink City’ remains.

Head Back to Delhi for Some Fun

What is a vacation if you do not party and have fun? Be prepared the last of your money by partying in Delhi! Stay smart and know where to go and when. Some places are highly expensive on weekends while the same places will be on happy hours during weekdays. Since you are travelling and do not have a 9 to 5 job, partying during the weekdays will not affect you. Do some online research or ask some locals for suggestions of some places in the city where you can head to and have fun! The urban village in the southern part of the city known as the Hauz Khas Village is definitely worth a visit. It is the most popular night out spot in the city and the place remains packed regardless of it being a weekday or weekend.

If this is your first time in Delhi, it would do you good if you carry around a small Delhi travel guide book or have it downloaded on your phone or tablet. Delhi is a big city and it can be very easy for people to get lost.

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