Actor Training: TOP 8 Film Studios In The USA

Los Angeles is a perfect garden to plant and grow genius for acting. There are many special schools, workshops, universities in the city. Why not? The climate is perfect. Geographical position is favorable for the movie making. This is the atmosphere of beauty, creativeness, harmony and artistic impression. You can spend more than a month to go through the city here and there to find the best school. USA Under 21 car rental locations give you an opportunity to travel the city freely of any age. What about the worthy places to go to?

Margie Haber Studios

This is a studio of the popular coach Margie Haber. Before you get the Margie’s classes, you have to take few lessons from the other teachers. If you are experienced in the movie business, you chances are good. There is one specific: all lessons are recorded on a video to learn the mistakes and cracks. There is also a popular system of education that is called Three P to stop Panic, Pain and Performance anxiety. Instead, you get Power. Such popular actors and actresses as Bred Pitt, Kristin Davis and Molly Sims are educated here.

Larry Moss School

This is one of the most popular teachers in America. He never liked the actors and actresses of Los Angeles for their fakery and externalism. Nevertheless, he takes every new student as a person, but not an actor. He learns his/her inner world and sends everyone to the doctor-psychologist. You may have an opportunity to be accepted to Larry four times a year – two times in New York and two times in Los Angeles. There is another school – Larry Moss Studio, but it irrelevant to Larry Moss. It belongs to Michelle Danner, Larry’s ex-partner.

Sharon Chatten Studio

Sharon Chatten owns a small studio, where she is a teacher. This woman with the strong character that is ready to teach all experienced actors like Vanessa Williams, Will Smith, Jim Carrey. Her educational approach is intellectual. The actor must learn every small nuance from the scenario to understand and feel every word. Sharon is a good and talented teacher but the most of students consider her too critical and despotical.

Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop

The philosophy of Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop differs from others with its life phonic search. Anthony Meindl makes a big accent to the soul aspect of the acting technique. As you know, the spirituality is up to date in Los Angeles. Everyone tries to learn more and more. So, you can learn the acting techniques in the school and get some useful knowledge for your personal growth. As the students usually say, Anthony gets in every part of your soul, change your life and better your self-recognition. You can be liberate, self-assured actor. Why not?

Ruskin School & Theatre

You can find day and evening groups in the Ruskin School & Theatre. People of different education level and experience are welcomed! You can pick the class right for you: for newcomers, professionals. You can come if you are not experienced at all. Every class looks like the treatment interview: pleasant and friendly atmosphere helps you to find the harmony with yourself, go to meet the success right here and right now. The lessons are conducted two times a week. The students work on their personal development to teach to feel what they really are. They start learning acting techniques just in a month. If you are an experienced actor, you can learn from the popular movie stars on weekends.

There are three pluses. Firstly, the school gives you a chance to analyze your talent on various points of view. Secondly, the school gives a chance to meet professional actors and actresses. Thirdly, if you study good, you are offered to be the actor of the theater at this school. This is a good experience about the perspective and helpful connections.

Berg Studios

The school is not very popular. It is like the pearl in the deep ocean. It is not for earning money but for teaching. What can be more important than the glory, name or money – the real art, talent, mastery. The school teacher is interested in progress and success of every teacher. The school teachers complement each other. They all have the special approach and unique teaching method. There are many pleasant bonuses you may have in the school: lessons to learn and understand scenario, seminars of the professional actors to learn the cinema industry and all secrets of the ancient profession.

The school graduates are involved in in such world popular films as Doctor House, Spider Man, Hancock, Star Wars.

Eric Morris School

This is the popular Hollywood teacher and author of the amazing books. The school is small but very atmospheric. He is a kind and hearty teacher. He is concentrated on art, but not earning big money. He is devoted to the acting professionalism. He is a teacher in his school. It is easy for all students to get out of shell that is usually on the way to the real mastery. He has his own interesting teaching method, based on feeling and physicality. The actor schools in Los Angeles are very money-making businesses. There are many teachers who are not very experienced in acting. Speaking about Eric, his rates are very high. He is a teacher for 53 years.

Howard Fine Acting Studio

Howard Fine is a founder of the Acting Studio. He was named the best teacher of the acting technique in Los Angeles. You can be the student of the studio if you are experienced actor to improve your professional skills. The teaching technique is specific. It is not attractive for everyone. Nevertheless, if you are close with Howard in your interests, you are offered to get high quality education to better yourself in acting techniques, speech, vocal, improvisation. There are many grateful letters to Howard that were sent by the world popular actors and actresses, stage managers and film directors such as Martin Campbell, Chris Pine, Victoria Burrows.

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