Tuesday 05 December 2023

Advantages Of A Bail-out Sponge For Sailors

Advantages Of A Bail-out Sponge For Sailors

A bail-out sponge is an essential item for any sailor. In fact, canoeists, anglers, rowers and even pleasure boat enthusiasts will all benefit from keeping a bail-out sponge on board their vessel. Read on for the top advantages to using a bail-out sponge instead of, or in addition to, a bail-out jug.

Advantages Of A Bail-out Sponge For Sailors

Highly Absorbent

A bail-out sponge is designed to be extremely absorbent. It can soak up water faster than you’d expect and is easy to handle. Sponges which have been designed specifically for the purpose tend to be the most absorbent.

Awkward Nooks and Crannies

Any sailor can attest to how difficult it is to get water out from awkward spots with a jug. In fact, getting water out from certain areas of your boat is nigh on impossible with a clunky jug. Just like a little mouse in your kitchen, bail-out sponges can get into any space, enabling you to clear your boat of water, wherever the water has gotten in.

Sponge with Bungee

The best bail-out sponges come attached with a bungee. These means you’ll never lose it to the water, and it will always be in the place you left it as you can connect it to your boat using the bungee cord. When you shop for boat accessories online, try to find a bail-out sponge with a bungee attached, as this sort of product is sure to stay with you and your boat for much longer than a simple sponge.


A purpose-built bail-out sponge can be used after cleaning to soak up excess water.

Used with a Bailer

In some cases a sponge will be needed for use in conjunction with a bailer. This may be the case when large quantities of water enter your boat. The good news is that a bailer needn’t cost much – or anything, in fact. It’s easy to make a homemade bailer or just create one from an old pot at home. The most effective homemade bailers are made from old milk bottles, which can be maneuvered more easily.

Getting the Last Dregs

Where a bail-out sponge really comes into its own is getting out the last dregs of water from your boat. The sponge can finish a bail-out job fast and effectively, leaving the boat practically dry. Dab the sponge wherever the last bits of water remain and simply squeeze it away.

As you can see, the benefits of a bail-out sponge are multiple. A purpose-designed bail-out sponge will be highly absorbent, which means that it will be able to get rid of impressive quantities of water fast. The best kind will also come with a bungee to keep it safely stowed on board at all times. These sponges are able to get any last dregs and also get into those awkward places, ensuring your boat stays dry and the water stays where its meant to be – on the outside of the vessel!