Wednesday 29 November 2023

Advantages Of Business Marketing Through Printed Door Hangers or EDDM

EDDM is a great way for businesses, both big and small business owners who want to acquire new customers and get more sales quickly. EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a service designed to deliver promotional pieces of mail to every mail box of a certain geographical area. It is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your promotional ad has reached every house in a given area. Due to reasons that can be easily imagined, this is a great technique for owners of local businesses. Here are some key advantages of EDDM for local businesses and retailers.

Advantages Of Business Marketing Through Printed Door Hangers or EDDM

EDDM Saves Time and Money

If you want to reach the residents of the city who live within a certain radius from your business, or those residing within a certain zip code, you might be thinking of sending out emails. This might seem like a more personal and effective way to reach potential customers, shift your attention to EDDM. But you are likely to spend time on creating the mailing list, creating content etc. What was first an inexpensive process may turn out to be tedious and expensive. EDDM on the other hand has surprising low costs and someone else is responsible for the deliveries.

EDDM Ensures Interaction

The thing with emails is that you cannot ensure that the receiver will see the mail as it might go straight to the spam folder where most promotional emails end up. On the other hand, with EDDM, you can rest assured that your promotional piece will reach the customer. Once this is ensured, you can shift your attention to making sure that it catches the attention of the customer and is not discarded right away.

Door Hangers Are Grossly Underestimated

Door hangers are considered by many to be advertising tools of the past. However, they still hold relevance in the digital marketing world. This is because of several reasons that are specified below.

Benefits of Using Door Hangers for Marketing

There are many benefits to using door hangers to market products and services and are considered by some to be even better than flyers and brochures. Firstly, while a brochure might get lost in a bundle of bills, and other promotional flyers that come in the mail, a door hanger is sure to get individual attention. A customer may ignore a flyer and discard it, but cannot ignore something that is hanging from their front door. Additionally, if the door hanger has a recognizable design or logo and can be seen on most doors in a neighborhood, it can work as efficient outdoor advertising.

They Are Inexpensive

Both EDDM and door hangers share the quality of being inexpensive. When using EDDM, you have to bear the cost of printing the ad and pay the postal service a marginal sum and that is about it. Door hangers, too can be inexpensively printed. The print can be done on glossy paper, vinyl, and even fabric to get a more high-end look.

These two printed marketing techniques are efficient ways to get your business noticed and give better results with repetition, for this you can contact fifty five printing company.