Thursday 09 February 2023

Afghanistan discards the call of U.S. for immediate security deal

The US troop’s future in the Afghanistan lingered in distrust on the Friday later than a spokesman for the President Hamid Karzai refused the call of Washington to sign a safety pact by the last of the year after next presidential election of the year.

The US has frequently said it wouldn’t wait in anticipation of after the month of April 2014 vote to close the Agreement of Bilateral Security and refused suggestion of Karzai for the signing to take position next year “correctly and with self-respect”.

Exclusive of an agreement, the US could pull out a lot of its flocks by the last of year 2014, as it did before two years when it unsuccessful to discuss a deal with the Iraq.

They don’t recognize any limit from the side of U.S, declared by Aimal Faizi, a presenter for Karzai, because Afghan tribal elders measured the pact for a next day. They have a complete set and even other time limits, so this is not anything new to them.

Karzai had recommended on the Thursday, as the leaders of Afghan started a meeting recognized as a Loya Jirga, which the marking of the pact must wait until later than the poll. Having supplied two conditions, he is not entitled to run once more.

In the Washington, the White House reserved up the force on Karzai, supposing Barack Obama the President desired the BSA marked by the last of the year. Barack Obama would make a decision about a supplementary U.S. presence later than approved authorities of Afghan to the deal, supposed by the U.S. officials.

It is their last offer,” supposed by the spokesman of White House Jay Carney and they cannot push it into subsequently year and be probable to preparation for a military presence of post-2014, he informed to the reporters.

In a call through telephone earlier on the time of Friday, U.S. desk of State John Kerry expressed to Karzai that any type of delays were intolerable and marking the agreement as promptly as possible was very important, supposed by the spokeswoman Jen Psaki of State Department.

They can even confirm it for you that the escritoires corresponds it to the President Karzai in this morning on the call through phone also,” Psaki supposed this in a briefing.