Wednesday 12 May 2021

Air Hostess Job: A Great Career Option In The Aviation Industry

Air Hostess Job: A Great Career Option In The Aviation Industry

This job gives wings to those candidates who want to fly with their dream. Mainly, air hostess job is for those female candidates who have a unique personality and amazing communication skills. This job is made by all airline industries offering many vacancies to candidates to showcase their skills and expertise in these fields. Professionalism is what makes air hostess job worth. There has been seen a long transition in air hostess job profile where its architecture has changed a lot.

There are Certain Conditions which need to be Fulfilled in Terms Like:

  • candidates should be unmarried, less than 28 years of age
  • Sharp communication skills which can attract customers and can provide service.
  • Mainly air hostess jobs are provided to those job seekers who are not married and have a good height with fair complexion.
  • Air hostess is much advanced in nature and is compiled with all technology and communication advancement for engaging customers in order to help companies for better earning and business growth.
  • Should perform a great teamwork as they have to work with the entire cabin crew.
  • They should have a good presence of mind to face any challenges occurring on them.
  • At last, they should always posse a positive attitude.

Education Qualification:

To pursue this career, one has to hold a bachelor degree or diploma or should hold a Higher National ITE Certificate.

 Duties for the Air Hostess:

  • They should check all the seat belts and galleys are secured prior to taking off.
  • Serving meals and refreshments at a regular interval of a time.
  • Time to time announcements on the behalf of the pilot and answering the question which has been asked during the flight.
  • Checking all the safety equipment and security check, ensuring that the flight is neat and clean.
  • Giving first aid to the passenger wherever required.


 After getting placed in this job, the candidates have to go through the at least four months of a proper training programme in the aviation industry.

The training will cover the topics like:

  • Passenger Handling
  • Product knowledge including food and beverages
  • First Aid
  • Language and communication skills
  • Service Procedure

There is a number of job opportunities attached to the web portals which candidates need to obtain and grab those opportunities and then turn them into positive results. Each and every day numbers of jobs are posted on the web portals on which every candidate must look and apply to it. For air hostess job, various institutions run training programs and diploma training for the candidates preparing for the job. Various airlines are hiring female candidates as an air hostess and provide them a handsome salary package.

Air Hostess Job: A Great Career Option In The Aviation Industry

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