Thursday 03 June 2021

The world is getting globalised and so as the clothing styles. Whether in past, only Muslim women used to wear abayas, today, you can see women of different corners have started wearing different types of abayas. From formal settings to party evenings; casual trips to dinners; you can find women wearing beautiful abayas.

An Abaya For Every Setting!

A few Tips for your Abaya Shopping

You can Shop abayas Online and offline both. However, the best part is that you have a huge variety to munch on. Just pick the abayas that bring the best in you. If your abayas are stylish and comfortable; they can make you feel at ease and stylish. Below are a few tips for you:

Pick a Correct Shade

The shade of an item appearing on a screenor a brochure is not always the true colour of an abaya. So, make sure that you have gone through a right shade of abayas. Of course, the most popular shades in abayas are black and brown. However, it nowhere means that you have no other options left. Certainly, in the times of winters or extreme cold, you can go for abayas for dark shades. However, during summers, you must wrap yourself in light and summerish abayas. After all, colours play a key role in the charm of an abaya.

Type of Abayas

One of the most significant things for getting the correct Abaya is to pick the correct fabric. It is equally vitalto getfabric depending on whenand where you will wear a specific Abaya.For example, in case you are going to wear the Abaya in winter then you will require a thick fabric. So, before you spend pennies, make sure you have taken into consideration the fabric of your abaya.

Design of Abayas

Most of the abayas are black, but it nowhere means that they all are simply plain black. You can witness some interesting patterns and designs in abayas. You can pick a design that goes perfect with your taste and needs. In case youwant to look distinct then you can go for red, green, purpleand similar abayas. Or you can also go for a black abaya that has gorgeous whiteand golden embroidery applied on bottom and onsleeves. It will look not just graceful but sophisticated too.

Watch Out for Fitting

Abayas are supposed to perfectly cover your body from shoulders to toes. It is the reason that abayas are loose garments.However, it nowhere means you do not have to give attention to way it fits you. There are different abayas having different cuts designed for various body types.As an example, females who have pear-shape body type must consider going for an abaya that is simply looser on the bottom area; whereas slim females are recommended wearing huge garments. In case you love wearing high heels or in case your job demands you to, make sure you purchase an abaya that is a few inches longer.


Thus, whether you go for white abaya designs, black abaya designs or any other types of designs; abayas are available in plenty of fabrics, shades and patterns.


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