Apple iPhone 6: Breaking All Sales Record

From the couple of year, Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Sony were making good profit but after the mid 2014, the situation came in favour of Apple as it launched the iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 has the latest generation A8 chip, which has dual processing cores, 2GB RAM. And GPU in the new Apple phone licensed from Imagination Technologies, at this time – a quad-GPU PowerVR GX6450. Four cores in this case means the largest building blocks in the architecture of GPU PowerVR – USC (Unified Shading Cluster). USC analogy in architecture processors NVIDIA Architecture Rogue – the most well-known component of SoC Apple A8. In total, four USC contain 128 FP32-compatible ALU, and at 300 MHz GPU has a theoretical capacity 76.8 GFLOPS. For comparison, the best GPU mobile systems on a chip, NVIDIA Tegra K1, contains 192 compatible FP32-ALU (core CUDA, terminology NVIDIA) 115.2 GFLOPS performance and at the same frequency. In general, despite the fact that the frequency of the GPU in Apple A8 unknown to us, outstanding performance in graphics tasks from the iPhone 6 is not worth waiting, but their competition with processors for smartphones adequate capacity, it met with dignity and graphics benchmarks.

Differences between Apple A8 and A7 performance GPU reached 50%. PowerVR G6430, set in A7, no different from the new GX6450 on the number of interest FP32-compatible ALU and their combined computing power, but more recent GPU includes optimization of the geometry and fill rate processing that should underpin the approval of Apple. In addition, change IP GPU on GX6450 will reduce power consumption and at low load, since the GPU is able to individually disable blocks USC. It also supports advanced texture compression format ASTC.

On top of the chip A8 in the iPhone 6 mounted DRAM chip type LPDDR3-1600. 1GB discouraged, because Android smartphones have already mastered 2, and 3 GB of RAM. Greater volume allowed to keep more programs in Suspended mode without the need to rediscover long unused applications, but the practical value here is questionable. But in some demanding applications a lack of RAM is felt. For example, if at the same time open 6-8 pages in Safari, you switch they will restart. However, if you did not notice in the previous i-devices, the lack of RAM will not bother in iPhone 6. Otherwise, the problem is not solved yet. It is unclear which factor played a role here: whether a simple savings on the cost of the device, which achieves significant quantities in such large-scale production, or care for the quality of experience on the iPhone and iPad from different generations. And yes, iPad Air 2 has the 2GB RAM but now here is rumours suggesting 3GB RAM in iPad Air 3. And it seems, Apple is discriminating with its iPhones series and iPad. And Same would be done by HTC, with HTC One M10.

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