Wednesday 12 May 2021

Architectural Wonders You Must See In Sri Lanka

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With a vibrant culture, nature and wildlife, Sri Lanka is finding its place among the greatest travel destinations in the world today. This beautifully exotic island country boasts a unique blend of British colonial heritage, beautiful landscapes, architecture and friendly locals all of which make Sri Lanka truly special. Travellers visiting Sri Lanka must not forget to visit and explore this land’s impressive architectural legacy dating back to the 3rd century B.C. Ruins of ancient kingdoms stand testimony to the existence of a sophisticated civilization which possessed advanced knowledge of science, technology and architecture. The later influences of the Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonial rule can also be seen prominently in the architecture of the forts, churches and homes in the coastal regions.

Here’s a mini-guide to few of the finest architecture marvels of Sri Lanka that you must explore while you are there:

The Royal Palace in Polonnaruwa

The 7-storeyed Royal Palace in Polonnaruwa is a marvelous example of ancient construction technique in Sri Lanka. With walls 2m-to-3m thick, a predominantly wooden structure and a Pagoda style roof, the palace was built to be several degrees cooler to beat the scorching heat of Polonnaruwa. After exploring this palace by the day, you can relax at Yoho Bed’s comfy budget hotels located close by.

Sigiriya Lion Rock

Built atop a 600-foot rock in the palace ruins of a fugitive king, the ‘Lion Rock’ of Sigiriya is one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. It has a remarkable network of subterranean water channels and bubbling fountains ensconced amidst verdant gardens. It is just 200 metres above the lush jungle. If you are keen on hiking, you can climb up the 1200 steps on a spiral staircase and your effort will be rewarded with sensational views. For staying and lodging, Yoho Bed has plenty of affordable options for you in Sigiriya. Their cosy and modern room accommodations would make your time in Sigiriya truly memorable.


The ancient city of Anuradhapura is a well-kept secret in Sri Lanka’s travel map. The ruins of ancient Sri Lankan civilisation, old temples and other holy places are breathtakingly beautiful. You can spend some more time in this charming city by lodging at Anuradhapura hotels among which Yoho Bed has some very reasonably priced options. Their warm and comfortable rooms and dedicated staff will ensure a great experience for travellers.

Ruwanweli Seya

The wondrous stupa of Ruwanweli Seya is surely not to be missed when you are travelling in Sri Lanka. Built nearly 2500 years ago in fulfillment of Lord Buddha’s prophecy, Ruwanweli Seya was one of the largest structures in the ancient world. A living testimony to the engineering capabilities of the ancient Sri Lankans, this stupa is 103m tall with a circumference of 290m. Ruwanweli Seya is located in Anuradhapura which gives you another reason to stay a little longer in the city. Yoho Bed has plenty of budget hotels and comfy accommodations in Anuradhapura which would make your stay there truly worthwhile.

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