Are Breast Implants Safe or Can They Cause Cancer

Breast augmentation with silicone implants is one of the most popular procedures among women all over the world. When done correctly, the results can be amazing for a woman’s self-confidence and psyche, with minimal side effects or scars.

However, of late, there has been an increasing worry whether, “are breast implants safe”. This article aims to resolve some of these doubts by providing a detailed view on implants. This should help you decide on going (or not going) for breast augmentation in Bangalore.

What are breast implants?

Breast implants are made of silicone, an inert substance that does not react with your body. They are shaped to look and feel like breast tissue. They are used to make the breast size bigger.

How are they used?

During breast augmentation surgery, a small incision is made either around the nipple or below the breast, and the implant is inserted under your breast tissue. The procedure is done as a day care surgery, and the patient goes home the same day.

What are the side effects of this surgery?

Like any surgery, there are possible risks of infection, bleeding but these are extremely low. There can be a little pain and swelling but it isn’t major. The nipple sensitivity can be reduced after the procedure.

What is capsular contracture?

Sometimes, implants can develop a capsule around them. These can cause the implants to feel firm. It is important that the surgery is done properly to prevent this from happening.

Does breast augmentation affect breastfeeding?

Breast implants do not affect breastfeeding directly. However some women aren’t able to produce milk naturally and this might not be known before the breast implant surgery. This may be wrongly attributed to the implants.

Do breast implants cause cancer?

This is a very important question that a lot of people are asking recently. There are two parts to this:

Firstly, if an implant is placed directly under the breast tissue, it can affect the ability to detect breast cancer. It is better to place the implants under the muscle, so it does not affect cancer screening.

Secondly, one particular type of breast implant, called textured implants have been found to be associated with a type of low-grade cancer called ALCL.

The other type of implant called smooth implants are not associated with this.

What is ALCL, is it dangerous?

ALCL is a low-grade lymphoma which is very treatable. Textured implants have been found to be associated with ALCL at a rate of 1 in 50000. This is an extremely low rate which does not need textured implant to be removed. If you have textured implants all you need to do is watch our for symptoms like swelling, pain and get checked out if you have the same.

Is breast implant surgery safe?

The bottom line is that breast implant surgery done with smooth implants are completely safe. These implants have been in use for 30 years and have not been found to adversely affect your health.

Breast implants can help you increase your breast size and gain a new perspective in life. It can be a transformative surgery. However, if you feel your breasts are already bigger than what you would like them to be, there is also breast reduction surgery in Bangalore which can help you feel better. Hopefully, this article clears some of your doubts and you can have the best breast augmentation surgery.

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