Are Marble Kitchen Worktops The Right Fit For Your Kitchen?

Homeowners want to personalise every aspect of their homes — whether it is the bedroom linen or the colour of the drapes — every nook and cranny of the home needs to suit the personality of its inhabitants and their choice of lifestyle. Kitchen worktops are no different. A kitchen is one the most important spaces in any home — it’s not wrong to say that food is the binding fact for so many families out there.

If you are looking at renovating your kitchen or building a new one from scratch, we would like to introduce you to marble kitchen worktops. Marble worktops in UK have gained so much popularity owing to marble being symbolised as a sign of purity, elegance, aesthetics, taste and a certain way of life. Marble kitchen worktops are installed by people who pride themselves as being owners of a piece of ‘art’ even if it is ‘just’ a worktop. Marble kitchen worktops are in fact a status symbol and show the planning that the homeowner has put into every detail of their home space.

Marble is Unique

Perhaps the most singular quality about marble is that it might be an abundantly found stone but it consistently manages to retain the position of being unique. White marble is one of the most sought-after colours for homeowners who fall for its charm and elegance!

Marble can Costs Less

Marble worktops in UK are easily found and apart from the incredibly rare varieties of marble, these worktops cost less than other natural stone worktops such as granite. Carrara marble is what you need to look at if you desperately want to install a marble worktop in your kitchen at an affordable cost.

Marble is Cooler Compared to Other Stones

Bakers will vouch for the lovely experience that they have when working on marble worktops with pastry. Marble is a cool stone and does not conduct heat very well. So if you want a worktop that will greatly aid you in your baking, marble is the way to go!

Marble is Softer than Other Stones

This is generally considered a con when it comes to marble surfaces including worktops in the kitchen. Marble is porous in nature and therefore, very vulnerable to etching and stains left for even a couple of hours will show. However, long-terms users of marble kitchen worktops usually grow to love the ‘patina’ that becomes visible after some use.

Marble Kitchen Worktops Require Some Maintenance

Unlike granite or quartz kitchen worktops that can withstands everyday ‘accidents’ such as the spilling of wine or fruit juice or vinegar on the worktop, marble will etch. If you decide to install a marble kitchen worktop make sure that you remain vigilant about its care. Wipe off any spillage to avoid etching. Also, remember not to adversely impact the worktop by placing incredibly heavy objects on it and causing the marble to chip.

Just like any other worktop, marble kitchen worktops come with their pros and cons. You need to decide whether you want to invest in it keeping long-term association with it in mind. Because it is not like all of us can remodel our kitchen every few years!

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