Wednesday 29 November 2023

Are You Planning To Buy Suitable Mailbox for Your Residence?

If you are planning to buy mailbox then it is important to decide the purpose of buying it. There are number of utilization of this item e.g. it may be used for collecting the mail in the house or it can be used for collecting news papers etc. If you want to get any private information then there must be provision for lock so that it remains safe. Therefore, you must decide your needs. Once you finalize that you can go for the purchase.

A few things to be considered before the purchase

  • How many users are using these mail boxes
  • Where are you going to place it
  • What is the quantity of mail that you are likely to receive
  • Do you need multifamily mail box
  • What are the weather condition where this box will be located

In addition to the above you also need to consider other special features and styles that will be suitable for your residence.

What type of material to choose?

Following are few options as far as material of these mailboxes are concerned.

  • Steel – Steel is no doubt very durable material, however it must be treated so that it remains protected against various weather conditions
  • Aluminum – It is rust resistant and light material however it needs to be treated for rainy season
  • Plastic – Plastic is durable and easy to maintain too however it is not suitable for extreme hot climate
  • Brass – It will give elegant look however you need to regularly polish it to maintain its shine

Some features

  • Locking – You can secure your mail by having the option of locking
  • Rear access – It will be easier for you to retrieve your mail
  • Newspaper holder – You can place separate holder for holding the bulky newspapers
  • Personalized – You may add your name so that you may not get any other mail


  • Wall mounted – You can choose to have wall mounted mailboxes, which can be placed on the outside wall of your house. You can easily retrieve your mail from the box.
  • Post mounted – You can find these mailboxes mostly in rural areas. You can choose decorative mailboxes with different colors and materials.
  • Column mounted – You can find such type of mailboxes in many houses. Such designs are suitable for snowy winter months and quite durable too.
  • Mail Slots – Such type of designs are very common in old schools and quite suitable where mail is delivered by foot.
  • Multi family – You can find such type of designs in apartments where many families reside in a building.
  • Mail Vaults – Such designs are suitable for receiving parcels and other package deliveries so that your mail will remain safe.

Where to find

If you are looking for best place to buy mailboxes of all kind then Architectural Mailboxes is the best place where you can get variety of designs. The company is specialized in designing all kinds of mailboxes for various applications and purposes.