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Attractive Design Attracts Business

Attractive Design Attracts Business

In this tech-driven, high-paced world, we are frequently looking at promoting and advertising on the web and over portable. However, when it comes to grab an individual’s attention, a decent, attractive and a professional logo design can be your best shot.

Whatever your preferences are, the type of logo design has a great influence on attracting new business. The type of product or service a company offers greatly effects the logo and designing process. For example, a logo of a restaurant and a fast food chain would be entirely different because their industries are entirely different. In addition, this why you just cannot copy a famous logo, or recreate one. A logo is supposed to stand out of competition, in the market and in the eyes of the people. As a logo is your external mean of communication, it is supposed to stand out, and should portray a meaning; a meaning which is identified and decoded by the customers easily.

People and company often opt for stylish logos, but they are not definitely necessary. A simple and elegant logo might convey a much better meaning than a stylish one with loads of colors and graphics. This might help people in getting the idea behind the logo and they can easily interpret the nature of the business.

Simple logos can be more popular as people can easily understand them and they are recallable. Being able to recall is what we focus on because if people cannot recall the logo and associate the logo with a company, it is not a good logo.

Factors Responsible For An Attractive Design

There are several other aspects of the logo designing process, which is necessary in the process of creating a masterpiece. To get the most of your logo design, there are certain principles, which every business owner needs to keep in mind.

1. Compelling Color

Compelling Color

The selection of colors is one of them as it plays an important role. Colors portray different emotions; therefore, it may change the opinion and perception of your brand entirely. The goal is to create a logo, which is pleasing to the eye so that clients and companies can use it proudly.

Think about a color, your mind would immediately recall a brand, which is associated with this brand. For example; Dark blue means Facebook, light blue means twitter, red means coke and yellow means McDonalds. They have used these colors to convey their brand identity.

Secondly, important consideration should be taken while choosing a color; they should not go for trendy colors because today’s color of the year may be tomorrow’s eyesore.

2. Slogans

Slogans play an important role in overall branding. It is however, up to the company to go for a slogan or not. Many companies have logos with slogans and many have logo without slogans, it is usually specified by the clients whether they want to use a logo with a slogan written on it or without a slogan. Slogans can help make logo look better or worse which depends on how good a slogan is. In addition, text font is very crucial as text font should be pleasing to the eyes and should be readable so that people do not have any problem reading it.

3. Contrast For Readability

Contrast for readability

A logo designs contrast will usually determine its readability. Poor combinations of color, dark backgrounds are a killer for your business, and I did not mean it in a good way.

For example, you might consider a dark color on a very light background, or the opposite. A sign’s readability decreases if you pair similar colors. However, if your contrast weak, you can improve it with an outline or a drop in shadow. Research also tells us that adding a border around your text also improves its readability. Therefore, In order to attract business you need to put together a contrast which works well everywhere.

4. Size

It is a rule of the thumb. The bigger the better. However, it does not mean that you jumble up various texts. Too much of anything is bad. Keep it moderate. Do not leave too much of empty space, use it wisely. Secondly, you can use typography as well, it looks good to the eye and you can easily shift the emphasis of your users.

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