Automatic Watches- A Must Own Category

In the modern age of smart watches and mobile phones, wearing an automatic wristwatch might not always be considered necessary. With these gadgets telling us the exact time and also doubling up as fitness trackers, maps, entertainment, information and communication devices, the question arises- are automatic wrist watches still relevant? 

Yes, an automatic watch is as relevant today as it was the during the pre-smart watch era. It will never go out of style for the simple fact that it is a timeless beauty that exudes the sophistication, elegance, and opulence which is hard to find in the technology-driven modern devices. But, apart from the aesthetic appeal, there are quite a few reasons that make it automatic watches- a must own category-  

It is a Style Statement

An automatic wristwatch basically reflects your personality. From the rather basic to the highly sophisticated, each watch brings with it a unique style and individuality. No matter what the occasion is – wedding, business meeting, working out at the gym, or simply strolling in the park – an elegant and stylish automatic wristwatch would sure make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. More than just a time telling device, it has become a part of the identity of a person. For some, not wearing one does feel as if they are missing out on something important.  

A Lifetime Companion

You generally buy an automatic watch for a lifetime. They are not battery-driven and when you chose one that boasts of being a high-quality version, durability is also promised. Unlike the technology-driven devices which may malfunction, if not used for a considerable period of time, the automatic watch wakes up the moment you wind it. But, keep the watch clean and get it regularly checked by an experienced watchmaker. Proper maintenance would keep the watch going for ages. No matter how much time passes, a well-crafted automatic men’s or latest ladies watches will never get old. 

Perfect Heirloom

Every generation wants to leave something valuable behind which the future generation would cherish and remember them for. An elegant automatic watch is a perfect investment and the ideal accessory that can serve the purpose. Exquisite timepieces hold sentimental value for the next generation and once it becomes a vintage watch its monetary worth also increases substantially. It would be something your descendants would remember you for forever.

Always In Vogue

No matter how advanced technology gets, automatic watches will always remain in fashion. And, this is not an overstatement. Had automatic wristwatches been just a passing fad, many leading watch manufacturers would have today been a part of history. Automatic watches are the products of fine craftsmanship and it takes weeks or even months to manufacture them. Therefore, they are timeless and will remain unaffected by the changing trends.


Automatic watches are here to stay and should be a part of every man or woman’s wardobe. Whether you prefer buying watches online India or from a physical store, do check out the amazing range of automatic watches available at Timex India website. It surely would be worth your money.

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