Basic Rules When Painting Your Home

With painting the rooms, you can quickly and dramatically transform the look of a room, apartment or office space. Painting is the simplest and cheapest way to change the appearance of the area. If you want to do it by yourself, you must adhere to the basic rules of how to make your results similar to professional painters. Or maybe better? Yeah, why not. Go to Renaissance Toronto for more.

Prepare the surface for painting as a professional painter

Good work can be done only if it is well prepared. The preparation involves good protection of the space (furniture and flooring), as well as preparation of walls and ceilings. You must make sure that the surface matches the new color. Old coatings that are not sturdy and suitable for the colorshould be removed by using the most appropriate method: scraping, washing or brushing. Accumulated dirt and dust need to be cleaned by using water, then let it dry.

Existing holes, cracks and other surface irregularities should be treated first, and then fill them with a gypsum mass (gypsum fillers). The new look depends on the condition of the surface, as well as topcoats that will be used, it also depends on whether you are going to put more than one layers. Finally, if the walls or ceiling, have water stains, nicotine or other serious changes, it is necessary to put a layer of insulating paint or primer that blocks the ability to replicate the appearance of stains before painting.

Caution! Areas and items that you think can be damaged must be covered with something. Painting is really hard to be removed from surfaces. Cracks and other irregularities can be corrected with quality kit. If necessary, buy other products to improve the look of the walls.

Use the best quality painting for walls

Compared with ordinary colors for the interior, top-quality paintings for walls provide superior long-term performance. In terms of application, high-quality painting will be sprayed less, they offer a better cover, use darker shades to reduce the number of coats, which will save time. Top quality paintings for the walls are also stronger and more durable than ordinary paint, and withtime they will not fade nor get yellow. Even if the walls get dirty, the dirt can be removed with water without damage.

Colors can be classified according to the resistance of the coating on the treated surface.

Abrasion resistant coating. These are coatings with the worst characteristics and are among the cheapest coatings, known as dispersive colors. Do not buy this type of colors. They will only ruin your walls and then you will have to repaint everything, because you will definitely not like the final results. So, this will be only a waste of money and time.

Coatings resistant to water. Such coatings are known as dispersion and acrylic paint.

Coatings resistant to scrubbing. In this group we classify coatings latex paint.

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