Saturday 23 January 2021

Be Proactive in Your Job Search '" and Get Results!

Be Proactive in Your Job Search and Get Results!

If you’re simply posting your resume on job sites and expecting to be contacted with the opportunity of your dreams, don’t hold your breath. Waiting for employers to find you is a waste of time and effort. Here are four reasons why taking a more proactive approach is the key to a successful job search.

Be Proactive in Your Job Search and Get Results!

1. Employers, especially small business owners, are busy. If they spent all their time pouring over resumes and tracking down the perfect candidate, their business would go to shambles. Even if they plan to hire, they might not get around to posting opportunities or narrowing down candidates until months later. Make less work for them (and less stress for you) by coming to them directly. Call, briefly explain why you’d be an asset to the team, and ask to schedule an interview.

2. Passion goes a long way. If you were hiring, would you choose someone who submitted their resume and was never heard from again- or the person who had their heart set on working for you and was willing to go out on a limb to get the job? Employers recognize that most skills can be taught, but passion is invaluable. And not every employer on Urban Interns is actively searching through our database every day – many of them post a job and wait for the passionate to apply.

3. You’ll prove you’re a go-getter from the get-go. The ability to self-motivate is one of the most sought after skills by employers. Why? Because it’s essential to growing and improving any business. If you can demonstrate you’re not one to sit around and wait for direction before you even get the job, you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

4. You gain control over your future. Sure, you still might experience rejection. But each time you speak with an employer you’ll become more comfortable promoting your skills, you’ll obtain valuable insights and feedback, and you’ll be able to tweak your approach or narrow your focus next time around. Forget feeling like your resume gets lost in cyberspace each time you click Send; now that the process is in your hands, finding the right job is just a matter of time.


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