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Beauty and The Beast Tour

The beauty and the beast is a fairytale. It was originally written by a French writer and novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. It was written in 1740. From then the story has been rewritten, changed and shortened. It was shortened by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince and it appeared in Magasin des, infants. But according to the researchers, the story actually came into being 4000 years ago. The story is the true example of happily ever after. In Villeneuve fully fledged version, there is also a background account of the lives of beauty on the beast. According to the writer, the beast is a prince whose father died when he was still young and his mother went to fight a war leaving the prince in the care of a fairy but the fairy is wicked. She tries many failed attempts at seducing the beast but he refuses, so the fairy curses and makes him a beast. As for beauty, in the original version, she is the daughter of a king and a fairy and to save her from the wicked witch, her soul is transferred to the dead daughter of the merchant.

Beauty and The Beast Tour


The story changed over the course of years many times. The summary being beauty is the youngest daughter among the 6 children of a merchant who has lost all his wealth when a storm hits his ships when they are on a trip across the country. He hears the news that one of his ships is returning so he goes the city to check on it. Upon his return, he takes shelter in a palace where a mysterious owner welcomes him and provides him with a meal. When the merchant tries to go back to his house, the beast doesn’t let him go but only one condition that either the merchant or one of his children will return upon hearing what their father has gone through, beauty decides to go to the beast. The beast showers beauty with gifts and gowns and what not and asks her to marry him every night but the beauty refuses. She misses her home and asks the beast to let him go. The beast gives a mirror and a ring to beauty so that she will always remain aware of what happens back at the castle but when she goes home, her sisters won’t let her go back to the castle. Beauty misses beast and sees through the mirror that he is dying. Beauty gets help from the ring to get back at the palace, where she cries over the body of the beast and tells him that she loves him. The beast turns into a charming prince and marries beauty. This is the true version of the beauty of the beast much has changed over the year but the beauty and the beast remain in the heart of people nonetheless.

Different Productions of Same Story

Many production houses have filmed the story.

  • The first film was made in 1946 named as La Belle-ET la Bete. It was directed by Jean Cocteau. The film starred Jean Marais as La Bete and Josette Day as Belle. In the movie, actor Jean Marais played both the roles of the beast and Belle’s best friend Avenant. In this movie, the beast is the prince and Belle’s friend changes into the beast at the end of the movie. This movie became a classic movie.
  • In 1952, a Soviet featured animated movie Alenkiy ts veto chek (The scarlet Flower) was produced by director Lev Atamanov. The movie was produced in Moscow. It was based on the story that was written by Sergei Aksakov. Gennadiy Filippov and Tatyana with the help of many excellent animators made the film’s production possible. The story is same as the traditional story but the difference being that the beast lives off on an island. The merchant gets his fortune back.
  • In 1987, a movie was produced with the same name and was directed by Eugene Marner. The whole movie was filmed in Israel. The taglines being: ‘the monster they feared was the prince she loved’. John Savage played the role of the prince while Rebecca De Mornay played the role of Beauty.
  • In 1991, Walt Disney Productions also produced an animated musical of Beauty and Beast. They also introduced a suitor for the beauty (Belle) named as Gaston who eventually plans to kill the beast. Also, Disney portrayed Belle as an independent and freedom loving lady who loves to read books and is mocked all over the town for this habit. There are no siblings of Belle in this version. It was directed by Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale. Paige O’Hara voiced the character of Belle while Robby Benson voiced the prince.
  • Masakazu Higuchi also made a 48 minutes animated film for the children in 1993. The beauty was voiced by Irene Cara.
  • In 2005, another beauty and the beast movie came into being but with a different name ‘Blood of Beasts’. It was directed by David Lister. In this version, the beauty is actually a warrior who goes to fight the beast to save her father. The movie ends with the beauty named Freya’s sacrifice that changed the beast back what he was once. David Dukas played the role of the beast and Jane March played the role of Freya.
  • Another modified version of Beauty and Beast is a 2011 film named as Beastly. It is quite the modern story and the movie was based on the novel of the same name written by Alex Flinn. In this story, Alex Pettyfer, (Kyle) the heartthrob, and Vanessa Hudgens (Lindy) played the main roles. Kyle is an arrogant teenager who angers a witch that curses him of ugliness. Lindy breaks the curse and the movie ends with Kyle, telling Lindy his feeling in front of public and they remain happily ever after.
  • In 2014, a Franco-German movie with the name Beauty and the Beast released. It was directed by Christophe Gans. Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux played the main roles.

As you have read, there are many adaptations of Beauty and Beast till date. Some movies raising the bars high, others weren’t that lucky. If you are lucky enough and have internet access, you possibly have learned about the upcoming adaptation starring the beauty with brains, Emma Watson. There are hopes that this movie will make the bar higher by several feet.

Bill Condon is the director of the movie and the movie yet not released still has made the place into people’s heart. The cast includes beautiful Emma Watson who has proved herself in the famous Harry Potter Series. It is indeed a great choice by the casting department to choose her for this role. The role of Beast is being played by Dan Stevens who is best known for his roles in The Guest and A Walk among the Tombstones. Stevens always played role in movies that are a crime thriller. It is his first time he is playing a role in dark fantasy. But we believe, he will face this too.

Because of the upcoming release of the movie, the crew is set on a tour to promote their movie. So it’s a chance for the fans to see their dream stars face to face and enjoy their talk. So, select beauty and the beast tour tickets at