Tuesday 26 January 2021

Being gay in USA is not easy. It has been a few decades that people have had the courage to come out publicly about their sexual orientation. While it has been legal in all of USA, unlike about 70+ other countries, even now, they fear for their life just because of their homosexuality and face regular bullying,degrading remarks and in some cases, violence.

While some states do have provisions for equal rights of LGBT, there are still many where their right to equality are not secured. They face discrimination on a daily basis in almost every sphere of life, be it jobs, housing, or even getting day to day health and other services and it is still not being outlawed. In fact, there are states where hospitals, restaurants, cafes etc. are free to deny services to gay people. Not only is it degrading but it’s an attack on their right to equality.


While same sex marriage has been legal in America for about a decade now, homosexual couples find it very difficult to adopt kids because of the stigma attached to homosexuality and the discrimination they face at the hands of adoption agencies. Finally if they do manage to adopt kids, even the kids fave different levels of bullying for having homosexual parents. Thus the already difficult task of parenting becomes even more so for gay couples.

But there are some who are setting a parenting goal for everyone and confidence and self love goals for the whole of LGBTQ+ community. They prove that while, the world is out there to get you, you can always find ways to keep shining and being yourself.  Two dads or two moms are still two parents and they just have to focus on guiding their kids into adulting.


While managing a family is always difficult, a gay family faces some additional challenges like ignoring the stares while eating outside, getting denied menial services, and occasional degrading questions passed at them.

But at the end of the day, it’s just another family. They, too, have to handle their teenagers’ tantrums, plan for vacations, worry about bills and whine about packing and just other normal stuff with a little bit of colorful pride parades every now and then.


While having a family is difficult for gay couples in USA, it’s still filled with a lot of fun, love and all the other things a family is made of, with a little extra color. There are always challenges, but after all, doing everyday things with your family creating a beautiful life filled with good memories for your kids and yourself is what it’s about.


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